Letters To The Editor

July 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2014

Odor problems

TO THE EDITOR: There are two ongoing problems that have been affecting our neighborhood over the past several years. Both are caused by people who are violating the laws or ordinances.

First of all is dog excrement on the lawns, side yards and backyards included. These are not left by dogs on leashes. Whenever we mow, four or five piles of dog poop have to be removed by shovel. This is not nice when grandchildren come to visit! Someone is allowing their dog, or dogs, to roam at night.

Secondly, people are burning trash in the evenings. Open your windows and smoke enters. This is not a pleasant wood-smoke odor. It is heavy at times and usually around 8 o’clock at night and later.

Hopefully, our city police, who do an outstanding job, will patrol our end of town to see who is causing these two health hazards.



Camp breakfast

TO THE EDITOR: Thanks to everyone who helped make Breakfast at Camp Chateaugay a great success.

It was very well attended. Everyone had fun visiting and seeing friends.

Camp Chateaugay deserves special thanks and appreciation because they provided all the food and their staff worked very hard cooking and serving everyone.

Finally, thanks to all the media who help promote the event.



Chateaugay Lake Association

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