Letters To The Editor

June 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor: June 20, 2014

 Ad negativity

TO THE EDITOR: This northern New Yorker is absolutely taken aback with the current vitriol-filled local television advertisements against Matthew Doheny, one Republican primary candidate for 21st Congressional District.

Such negativity has not been seen before in local elections and is personally considered beyond the pale for a political campaign. 

It was learned the ads are part of a widespread, expensive effort of American Crossroads, a Republican super PAC associated with former White House advisor Karl Rove.

Knowing about this individual and others involved produced an understanding as to the tone and words. The Crossroads ads do not feature the important issues of our far northern region or the two Republican candidates’ opinions.

The negative ads are meant to develop support for Elise Stefanik who, naturally, disavowed any connection and directed questions regarding to the PAC. Considering this candidate’s Washington, D.C., work and relationships with the known associates, stating a positive campaign is being run and not having the ads cease appears disingenuous.

For me, and likely others in the district, the ads have not stimulated support for Ms. Stefanik.

Many 21st District residents are actively following the various House of Representatives’ campaigns and have yet to determine who will be the best member.

Due to the American Crossroads ads and other factors, it should not be Ms. Stefanik. The good words of saying there is an issues-oriented, positive campaign are in opposition to observations as to negative indirect and direct actions.

It appears Ms. Stefanik lacks experience, allows extreme negativity, is directed by outside interests, will be more partisan and may become part of congressional stalemates.

This region, state and nation need a more moderate representative who will complement the majority of district constituent beliefs so there are positive communications, compromise and the production of solutions that benefit everyone. 

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