Letters To The Editor

June 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 27, 2013

Past is prologue

TO THE EDITOR: Dyspeptic thoughts of Ronald Reagan, given the passing of his demagogic doppelganger, Margaret Thatcher, and the hyper-partisan distortions and Schadenfreude of teapubliclowns, whose hypocritical attempts to attach the suffix “gate” to any perceived Democratic transgressions prove that the scandalous see scandal everywhere.

The mythos of Reagan, a conservative construct of lies, was intended to galvanize a visionless GOP by elevating a Brylcreemed Charlie McCarthy to political sainthood in order to consecrate their ideological agenda.

The faux father of conservatism was a false prophet, an amiable simpleton, lazy and unprincipled. Perfect for co-opting by oligarchal interests and the evangelical right.

Their snake oil disguised a program for a corporatist national security state with upward transfer of wealth, gutting of social programs, fomenting racial and cultural divides and a bloated military useful for starting wars but not finishing them.

When considering today’s problems, the past is prologue. Remember the Reagan years, not for his words, but his policies. They ushered in an era of greed, excess, inequality, willful ignorance and neglect.

Selling biological and chemical weapons to Iraq. Arming funding and training Islamic militants in Afghanistan, securing the future of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, Central American death squads. Iran, Contra, S&L debacle. 241 servicemen dead in Beirut. Photo-op invasion of Grenada. Ignoring AIDS. Supporting apartheid. Turning us into a debtor nation. Bitburg. No. 1 in farm foreclosures, bank foreclosures, and personal bankruptcies. Poverty levels increased 30 percent. Most corrupt administration ever, with 100 criminally charged. Union busting. Nuclear Pakistan. (Tip of the iceberg, folks.)

Teapubliclowns, lacking capacity or inclination for reasoned thought, ignore such venalities, pledging fealty to his gipperness.

And revere him for what he didn’t do: cut taxes, shrink government, end the Cold War and restore America’s greatness.

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