October 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28, 2013


---- — Respected, hard-working

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to support my father-in-law, Paul Lamoy, for Plattsburgh Town Council.

While I have not been a member of this family for long, I have watched the way he treats everyone with respect. He has been a sports coach and official and always looks to help children grow and reach their full potential.

Paul is hard-working and gives 100 percent to everything he does. The Town of Plattsburgh needs more individuals who are not afraid of tackling the tough issues because it is politically correct. He will always vote with our best interest at heart.

Please join me and vote for Paul Lamoy for Plattsburgh Town Council this Nov. 5.




Knight supporter

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to the people of Peru to encourage you to support and vote for Lana Knight for Peru Town Council.

Lana has been a part of the Peru community for 23 years. She has raised her children here and has supported the community through her volunteer work with local youth groups.

Lana brings with her a strong financial background from working in the banking industry for 18 years. She can apply her financial knowledge to the Town of Peru’s fiscal future.

Lana and her husband, George, have bought and renovated more than 10 properties in the Peru area. This provides her with a strong incentive to keep taxes down in Peru.

I urge the voters of Peru to vote for Lana Knight for Peru Town Council.




Caring, hard-working

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing this letter in support of a very good friend and brother-in-law, Sherman DuBrey.

He is running for a Town Council seat in Beekmantown.

I have known “Sherm” for more than 35 years. He is a hard-working, very caring, family man.

I’ve worked with Sherm in various ways, from farming to construction and as correction officers. Sherm is a dedicated and honest man, with a need to help people.

We need to support Sherm for Town Council. He will work hard and attempt to get natural gas for our school, town offices, including our fire house. He is interested in alternative energy and cutting taxes.

We really need to get out and support Sherm on Election Day, Nov. 5 . I am confident he can help to improve our town.




Brochure criticized

TO THE EDITOR: I live on Rand Hill in Beekmantown. I have just read Mr.Morales campaign brochure, and I am very unhappy. 

Mr. Morales talks about honesty and ethics but not once did he talk about a major lawsuit that he was a litigate in against our town. This lawsuit cost taxpayers in Beekmantown thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands in lost revenues.

Mr. Morales is very deceitful; he hides the facts. It’s a fact that he is motivated for himself and a small interest group instead of being a delegate for the entire town.

I don’t know Joe Deyo, but I do know Sherman DuBrey.

Electors, please help our family and friends and elect Sherman on Election Day in November. Enough is enough.




Energetic, involved

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Joshua Kretser for Ward 6 City Councilor.

From very early in Josh’s life, I realized that he was an exceptional person. Josh has always been energetic, creative and dedicated to helping others.

He began his involvement in helping the City of Plattsburgh as a teenager. Following the passage of a city “pooper-scooper” law, Joshua helped create and starred in a TV public-service announcement encouraging people to clean up after their dogs.

While living in New York City, Josh’s concern for others led him to serve five years as president of the tenant association of his housing complex. This group consisted of hundreds of people living in more than 50 units. He worked with the New York City Housing Authority and the apartment complex owners to improve living conditions and advocate for the tenants.

Upon his return to Plattsburgh, Josh formed his current design business, Pod Studio.

Josh serves on numerous local organizations. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Plattsburgh Rotary Club, the Steering Committee for Vision2Action, the Campaign Cabinet Committee for Clinton Community College’s Clearly Clinton Campaign and the special-events committees for the CVPH Foundation and the Clinton Community College Foundation. 

Joshua has spent a great deal of time and effort working to continue the successful restoration of the Strand Theater.

Josh worked with others from Vison2Action and NCCCA to initiate this past summer’s successful First Weekend activities in downtown Plattsburgh.

Space does not allow me to provide all of the great things that Josh has done for Plattsburgh. I am extremely proud of Joshua for his accomplishments and look forward to seeing him be a positive influence on the Common Council after he is elected Ward 6 councilor.




Industrious, experienced

TO THE EDITOR: It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Kathleen Flynn’s campaign for re-election as Peru’s town clerk/tax collector.

I have known Kathy for many years, and she is intelligent, industrious and one of the nicest people you can meet.

She and her family have always been staunch supporters of the Town of Peru as witnessed by their outstanding commitment to the youth of our town.

In my opinion, Kathleen Flynn has one great advantage over her opponent: experience. She has served in this office for more than 10 years and greatly improved service to our residents by working long hours and accommodating people outside of normal business hours.

She has improved bill-paying procedures, provided efficient issuance of licenses and built strong working relationships with other town offices, as well as the Clinton County Treasurer’s Office. This took hard work and dedication to our community.

Let’s keep the system working. Return Kathleen Flynn to the office of town clerk/tax collector for the Town of Peru.




Common sense

TO THE EDITOR: I have know Paul Lamoy for many years and want to endorse him for re-election as Plattsburgh town councilor.

Paul is the kind of guy who commits himself fully to any task he undertakes. Paul has been active on the Town Council and has the experience we need. He has loads of common sense, and right now that’s what government really needs.

Paul won’t dance around the tough issues; he’ll tackle them head on.

Let’s not make the mistake of going backwards in this election.

Join me and vote for Paul Lamoy for Town of Plattsburgh Town Council on Nov. 5.




Family values

TO THE EDITOR: Your vote in this year’s election is important to all of us.

We need someone with integrity and values to be our voice in local government.

Sherm Dubrey is running for Beekmantown Town Council. Sherm is an honest and hardworking man. He has morals and family values.

Sherm has lent a helping hand to a lot of people and has never asked for anything in return. He loves and believes in this town and will work hard for all of you.

I have known Sherm for many years, and I know he is the man for the job. Please vote for Sherm Dubrey on Election Day.




Change needed

TO THE EDITOR: Some of you may have seen the yard signs around Beekmantown for Sherman DuBrey running for town councilman.

You may not know him, but I’ve known him my whole life.

Our family has been Beekmantown residents for four generations. l’m writing in support of my dad, Sherman DuBrey, so that the people of Beekmantown can make an informed decision on the candidates running for councilman in the Nov. 5 election. Our town needs a change.

My father is a hardworking, honest man. This stems from being raised on a cattle farm, where the working day starts at dawn and ends at dusk.

He has been a correction officer at Clinton Correctional Facility for more than 30 years. In addition to that, he also served as a union representative for the prison and arbitrated many employment cases with favorable outcomes.

He is always involved in some type of community service, from helping out a neighbor to coaching youth softball and hockey. Always there to lend an ear or a helping hand, my father has been and is an integral part of this community.

Understanding the needs of this town is something that can’t be done by just anyone. It takes years of experience with helping the people of our town and being involved actively in the community. It’s knowing your neighbor needs a hand and taking extra time out of your day to do it. It’s thinking outside of the box to solve the issues and get the job done.

My father, Sherman DuBrey, is that person. He will work hard for the people of our town and will stand up for what is right.

Please show him your support on the Nov. 5 election for Beekmantown councilman.




Fighting waste

TO THE EDITOR: On Sept. 10, the Press-Republican printed an article about the increase of sales-tax revenue — an increase beyond what had been projected or budgeted.

In the article, Mark Dame was the only county legislator who spoke as an advocate of the property taxpayers of Clinton County. He said, “Hopefully, this can lead to no (property) tax increase next year or even a tax decrease.” However, according to the article, many of his colleagues disagreed. 

One legislator was even so obstinate to say he “would never vote for that (a tax decrease),” as quoted in the article.

Much of the increased sales-tax revenue is attributed to Canadian shoppers. Clinton County is fortunate to be a region that has the opportunity to offer a reduced property-tax rate, which is absorbed by out-of-county shoppers in the form of sales tax.

I ask you, how is Mark Dame the only legislator conscious of the benefits this offers to our county residents? How is he the only legislator willing to speak up and fight on our behalf?

Mark was not fazed when accused of acting political with his statements. His reply, according the article, was that obviously anyone who makes such a statement “has not followed my political career.”

Mark referenced his actions of fighting against higher

taxes dating back to his years as a city councilor in the 1990s. Any public servant who has been as consistent as Mark Dame in his quest to reduce government waste and fight for the taxpayers is immune to such ridiculous accusations.

Mark Dame will have my vote on Nov. 5. He has continually been creative in his fight for the reduction of government waste. Please vote on Nov. 5.




Endorses Dame

TO THE EDITOR: As my tenure as legislator comes to an end, I would like to thank the citizens of Plattsburgh for granting me a wonderfully rewarding experience.

The county is in sound shape, and exciting opportunities are on the horizon. However, it is important that legislators stay on top of the complex issues. Re-electing Mark Dame will be a big step in that direction.

I served with Mark on Plattsburgh’s council in the 1990s, when he was one of the leaders of the “reform council.” During the past two years I have served with Mark again, as county legislators. Mark is a vital addition to the legislature. He is aware of the issues and does his homework.

Mark certainly has strong opinions and isn’t bashful about expressing them. Don’t let that be misinterpreted in saying he isn’t a team player. Mark Dame respects other’s points of views, whether he agrees with them or not, and is always professional.

His experience as a lifelong self-employed businessman, coupled with his intense budget examining skills, makes him a skilled advocate for the taxpayers of Clinton County.

Much of his reputation as being a slasher of waste is well deserved, but he also has sound judgment and believes in making investments in our community. Mark has supported the expansion of the airport and the needed funding for Clinton Community College.

The airport is close to my heart, having been the committee chairperson since its inception. Mark has been a valuable contributor to that committee. He has been a vocal proponent for debt service of the expansion being funded in full by users of the airport, not taxpayers.

Mark also has a 100 percent attendance record at all legislature and committee meetings. He is truly dedicated and deserves our support.


Clinton County Area 10 legislator



Organized, steadfast

TO THE EDITOR: I have known Paul Lamoy for many years.

We graduated high school together. He is one of the hardest-working people I know. 

Through the years he has been, and continues to be, involved with many community organizations from the Peru and South Plattsburgh fire departments to Plattsburgh Youth Hockey.

It does not end there. He is also involved with Relay for Life and numerous other organizations to help his fellow citizens. When Paul is in, he is all in. He is organized, determined and steadfast in getting the job done.

Paul is also very dedicated to his family. He and his wife, Karen, have raised two children and have taught them to value their community as well. He has recently become a grandfather and will be just as involved in their lives through the years.

I wholeheartedly support Paul Lamoy for Plattsburgh Town Council. He not only deals effectively with current issues but has an eye on the future and makes sound decisions that will keep all the present and future residents of the Town of Plattsburgh in a better place.

Please join me in casting your vote to re-elect Paul Lamoy on Nov. 5.


Cliff Haven


Brudvig support

TO THE EDITOR: As a consulting engineer, I have served on the board of the Adirondack Builders Association for 12 years until I stepped down in 2011.

During my tenure, I had the pleasure of working with Bill Brudvig, candidate for Plattsburgh Town Council.

He is a hard-working, dedicated person who will only serve the interests of the town and its residents if elected.

I wholly endorse Bill and urge the voters of the Town of Plattsburgh to get out on Election Day and support him. You will not find a more dedicated person.




Working as team

TO THE EDITOR: The motivation for me writing this letter is when reading Mike Morales’s re-election brochure.

In no less than 24 times he states “I that” or “I this,” and only once did he ever mention “we.” Mr. Morales, there are four town councilmen and one town supervisor who have to work as a team for the best interests of the citizens of Beekmantown.

The problem with a lot of today’s politicians is it’s always about “I” instead of the “we.”

On your list of all organizations that you belong to you left out that you were the vice president of the West Beekmantown Neighborhood Association and part of the lawsuit against the town that cost the Beekmantown taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost tax revenue for the citizens of Beekmantown.

Our town needs elected officials who believe in the “we.”

With two council seats open, I strongly recommend that the people of Beekmantown vote for Republican Sherm Dubrey and Democrat councilman Joe Deyo.

I have known Sherm Dubrey for more than 26 years. He’s a hard-working team player, truthful and honest family person who will work tirelessly for the citizens of Beekmantown.

Joe Deyo not only held office for 20 years and has been a warrior for the citizens of Beekmantown. His record will speak for itself.

Let’s get the “we” back in the town of Beekmantown, by voting for Republican Sherm Dubrey and Democrat Joe Deyo.




Davis support 

TO THE EDITOR: As the president of the Plattsburgh/Saranac Lake Building and Construction Trades Council, our mission is to retain local jobs for local people that pay area standard wages, as well as health insurance, pensions and apprenticeships.

I have met several candidates this year and am writing to endorse a woman who agrees with our philosophies and is a perfect example of our mission.

Kimberly Davis is running for Clinton County treasurer. Both of her parents were union members. They worked hard and earned a fair wage with good benefits through their unions.

Kimberly was the first member of her family to graduate from college and did so with flying colors, graduating magna cum laude from SUNY Plattsburgh.

Now Kimberly is running for county treasurer. She resigned from her position as a branch manager in May to run for this office. Her effort, determination and hard work are evident.

I have seen her at numerous events, speaking with business leaders, union leaders and government officials alike. Kimberly is very approachable and makes time for everyone.

Kimberly agrees with our mission and is an example of how unions help families not only to survive but get ahead. We need to keep people like her here, with a good-paying job with good benefits, as we advocate for in the Trades Council.

Please vote for Kimberly Davis for Clinton County treasurer on Nov. 5.



Building and Construction Trades Council



Best choice

TO THE EDITOR: It has been my privilege to have known Gerard Renadette since we were both kids.

We attended Beekmantown Central School. We hung out at the Plattsburgh Municipal Beach and the beach by the old Fantasy Kingdom in Point au Roche.

Through all of this time together, Gerard always demonstrated a great love for his hometown and the surrounding areas. Because of this I wasn’t surprised when he decided to run for political office in Plattsburgh, just that he waited as long as he did.

Now Gerard has decided to run for the Clinton County Legislature and as such he will become my representative on that board. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to hold that office.

Gerard’s 17 years of experience with the Town of Plattsburgh along with his knowledge of the area and the people he grew up with makes him the best choice by far.

Please join me in putting the person who best knows the need of this area in office. Vote for Gerard Renadette for Clinton County legislator Area 4.




Lamoy goals

TO THE EDITOR: I am seeking re-election to the Plattsburgh Town Council.

Much has been written recently about the amount your taxes will go up. We have worked hard to cut the budget, including some programs and jobs. I am the most fiscally conservative board member on the Town Council, and I have five years of experience.

I will not support a hike in yours and my taxes that fixes our fiscal problems with a one-time correction. This problem needs to be fixed over a period of years, and that is the only way I will support it.

I have 28 years of experience in the construction industry, and with many infrastructure upgrades needed, my expertise will prove very valuable to the town.

I also worked for two years purchasing the streetlights from NYSE&G. This purchase will save the town thousand of dollars per year, after the purchase is complete.

I work hard to promote sharing of services with other towns, and within our own departments. We need to do more with less, and sharing equipment and manpower is the only way to accomplish it.

My opponents will continue to preach doom and gloom and tell you everything that is wrong with the town. That’s easy if you offer no solutions. You deserve better, and spinning numbers to scare you into voting for them is not responsible.

My goals are simple: to provide you with the services you have come to expect from the town, at the cheapest rate we can provide them.

Please join me on Nov. 5 and support Paul Lamoy and Michael Cashman for Plattsburgh Town Council.




Legislators criticized

TO THE EDITOR: None of our current Franklin County legislators should be re-elected.

They committed to closing our nursing home when they approved Alice Hyde’s grant application — long before the public ever had a clue closing of our nursing home was even being considered.

They did not care what the public wanted or that it will force many of us to have to go out of the county when we need a nursing-home bed.

They gave Alice Hyde $10 million with nothing in return. They now want to give millions to undisclosed investors to rent the Lashomb building and Flanagan Hotel for the NCCC nursing program, dorms and a restaurant. Why would you rent partially renovated ruins when you already own the soon-to-be-vacant nursing home, which would make a sensible and a college-like campus for the program and dorms? 

They failed to make needed cuts to reduce spending and used fund balances to pay for their spending, putting our county in “significant financial stress” according to auditors.

They blame state mandates for their financial problems when we all know the state does not mandate county employees salaries, benefits and staffing. All are considerably higher than Franklin County’s private sector. Taxes are going to have to be raised significantly to pay for their failure to cut staff and spending, their generosity to employees, their donation to Alice Hyde and the hotel rental deal.

Unfortunately, Tim Smith (D-Fort Covington), Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay) and Paul Maroun (R-Tupper Lake) aren’t opposed.

Voters in Malone Districts 3, 4 and Dickinson/Waverly District 5 have a choice.

Vote for Democrat Carl Sherwin in District 4, Republican Mark Besio in District 3 and Democrat Donald Dabiew in District 5. Hopefully, they will do what is best for us.




Rosenquest goals

TO THE EDITOR: We need leadership in Plattsburgh, and we’re tasked to choose the right person.

For the last seven years, we’ve had a City Hall that has been focused solely on cutting and retracting.  At first, this was appropriate, but over the long-term it has hurt us. We’re left in a worse financial position than when we started out.

We have a number of union contracts that need to be renewed, a proposed 3 percent left in our general fund and no focus on generating revenue outside of raising taxes or increasing the cost of city services. These are unsustainable fiscal policies supported and kept in place by the other two mayoral candidates.

It’s time to vote out the status quo and “same old politics as usual” and vote in a candidate with real plans, real actions and real results to fulfill on the future of Plattsburgh.

I’m the only candidate that has put forth a comprehensive Community and Economic Development Plan (and actions) for our city.

I’m the only candidate who has a strong business background and the advanced educational qualifications in business. I hold degrees from Clinton Community College, Plattsburgh State and an MBA from the University of Washington.

I have extensive experience managing multi-million-dollar budgets, large teams and building successful businesses and partnerships.

I’ve been meeting voters, community leaders, professors, county politicians, town leaders, regional municipalities, business leaders and local and regional business groups, and their message rings clear: We need real independent leadership in City Hall that is not tied to the status quo of politics as usual.

We have an opportunity to finally move Plattsburgh forward and to become the Plattsburgh we know ourselves to be. Let’s fulfill on what’s possible and on the future of Plattsburgh together.

I humbly ask you to vote for me.  




Smart, responsible

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to support Barb Benkwitt for Schuyler Falls Town Council.

She is my mother, and I think she would make a great councilperson.

Over the past few years, I have watched my mom become more involved with the town. She is town historian and works at the Town Hall, volunteers and is now a board member at the Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society, sings in several choirs, volunteers at the soup kitchen, and more.

She is always ready to help a fellow community member, and I know she has gotten support from the community as well.

Barb will work hard, listen to people’s points of view and improve this town that has become her home.

Her smart, responsible and friendly nature would make her an asset to the council.

Please vote for Barb Benkwitt for Schuyler Falls Town Council this election day.


Swanton, Vt.