Letters To The Editor

December 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 29, 2012

Prayer in schools

DEAR EDITOR: There is such a simple solution to all these school shootings: Put prayers back in schools.

The Supreme Court is favoring the 14 percent who don’t believe in God and don’t want the name God spoken in schools where their children go. If they don’t want their children to have to hear the name God, take them out of that school and move to a country where there is no praying and the name of God is not spoken.

This country was founded by men who believed in God. The constitution was written by them with the thought that God would help us along the way.

I received an email recently that was a letter to God. It went this way: “Dear God, why do you allow these shootings in our schools?” The answer was: “I am not allowed in schools,” signed God.

If this doesn’t made sense to reasonable people, I feel sorry for them.




Wall supporters

TO THE EDITOR: The Westport Central School Wall of Distinction Committee would like to acknowledge and extend gratitude to the sponsors who helped to make our golf tournament this past October a success.

Thanks to the Westport Country Club, Why Knot Pizza, Camp Dudley, Everybody’s Market, The Bessboro Shop, Ernie’s Market, K&D Deli, Flower Designs by Tracey, The Deport Theatre, Weichert Realtors, Chazy & Westport Telephone Co., Bradamant Realty, Westport Board of Education, Westport Veterinary Hospital, Westport Education Association, John Gallagher, Egglefield Ford, Arsenal Inn, Wells Communication, Conroy, Boulerice, Telling & Trombley, P.C., Deer’s Head Restaurant, Bub’s Pizza & Deli, Boquet Liquor Store, Adirondack Auto, Cobble Hill Inn, Loreman’s Engraving, Elizabethtown Sunoco, Westport Sports Recognition Club and Adirondack Physical Therapy.

Also, a special thanks to the Westport Hotel for hosting our first Wall of Distinction Induction Ceremony.

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