March 18, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 18, 2013


---- — Imaginarium fundraisers

TO THE EDITOR: On March 2, princesses and superheroes from far and wide came with their parents and enjoyed dancing, sweets and fun at the Imaginarium Children’s Museum’s Imagination Ball.

It was a fundraiser to benefit the young museum and bring new exhibits into the expanding collection. The community came out full force to help make this event a huge success. Through the efforts of the museum staff and volunteers, the museum raised over $1,000.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for donating goods and services to help make Imagination Ball a huge success: Taylor Rental, Adirondack Cupcake, Rambach’s Bakery, Project HELP from SUNY Plattsburgh and the Garrows of Absolute Quality Cleaning. The Imagination Ball would not have been as successful without your generosity.

Help us continue our success and support our startup campaign by coming to see our Wish Wall, where we have several components to exhibits, operational necessities or full exhibits that you can sponsor. Through this sponsorship, your name or company name will be placed directly on the exhibit where your item is featured. For further information, contact one of our museum staff members.

Please join us and co-sponsors Days Inn & Suites of Plattsburgh and Pasquale’s Pizzaria 5:30 to 7 p.m. March 21 for North Country Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Night at the Museum, with door prizes and a gift bag for everyone. This event is for adults only: $3 with reservations, $4 without. Contact the North Country Chamber of Commerce to make a reservation.

To visit the museum or see how you can volunteer or make a donation, contact the museum at 324-7426 or visit us at 4709 Route 9, Plattsburgh. Admission is $4 per person; children under 2 are free.


Member services director

Imaginarium Children’s Museum


Climate change

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to add a few facts to Ray Johnson’s excellent climate-change article of March 3.

My opinion is these monthly pieces are a credit to both Ray and the Press-Republican for providing space.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim speaks frequently about climate change since publishing the bank’s report, Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4C Warmer World Must Be Avoided. From his Jan. 24 Washington Post piece: “If there is no action soon, the future will become bleak. My wife and I have two sons, ages 12 and 3. When they grow old, this could be the world they inherit. That thought alone makes me want to be part of a global movement that acts now.”

The U.S. Defense Department Defense Science Board Task Force Report, Trends and Implications of Climate Change for National and International Security, states, “Climate change has the potential for significant impacts on all … basic elements of national and international security: defense, diplomacy and economics.”

At the U.S. Naval Base in Norfolk, VA, everyone knows the ocean is rising at a quarter-inch and faster every year. The Navy is not arguing whether climate change is real; they simply have to deal with it. The civilian residents of Norfolk are in the same boat.

However, when it comes to getting help from the state, Gov. McDonald and the legislature simply refuse to believe it. Any legislation that mentions climate change has no chance of passage there.

Human-caused climate change is the greatest threat civilization has ever faced. Those who are disingenuously creating confusion about it are just like people who know a theater is on fire, but are shouting, “Everything is fine, please remain seated and enjoy the show!”