October 28, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28, 2012


---- — Reaction to ‘Rednecks’

TO THE EDITOR: In reply to the Speakout from Oct. 12 entitled “Rednecks,” it’s disheartening that you saw the “burnout” competition and “rednecks” associated with the event in such a negative light.

I would like to let you know that this competition, along with the car show and other events of that day (including beer sales), brought a significant — and I mean significant — contribution to the parish and the school they support.

I can assure you that this parish/school teaches tolerance and respect, which is something that seems to be lacking these days, evident by comments such as “Rednecks.”

If the donations of time, monies and efforts didn’t set a good example for our children that day, then I don’t know what would.


AuSable Forks


Advocate for area

TO THE EDITOR: I am pleased to endorse Assemblywoman Janet Duprey for re-election this November.

Janet has worked very diligently to make Clinton County a better place to live and work. When Janet was county treasurer, she oversaw the finances with great precision. She made investment decisions that helped keep Clinton County in a fiscal condition envied by many counties in the state.

As assemblywoman, Janet knows her way around the Capitol. She understands that most, if not all, decisions are made by representatives of the greater New York and Long Island area. She also knows how to work with the majority of these individuals, enabling her to bring grants, money and programs to the North Country.

Janet will continue to be our advocate in Albany, and I know we will all be better off with her guidance.




War on church

TO THE EDITOR: President Obama and his secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius, have declared war on the Catholic church and religious freedom in this country.

They are going to make us pay for services that violate our conscience, such as abortion, abortion-causing drugs, sterilization etc. If we don’t pay into their insurance plan, (Obamacare) we will be fined $100 a day. Every Catholic institution will have to go out of business. Our schools, our hospitals, our colleges, our adoption agencies, our homes for the elderly, our soup kitchens, everything.

Under Obamacare, government bureaucrats will decide whether you get medical treatment or not, even whether you get to live or die, since rationing of medical care has already begun.

Also, our next president will no doubt appoint one or more new justices to the Supreme Court. Obama is rabidly pro-abortion. He will no doubt appoint pro-abortion people, like he has already. Thousands of innocent babies will lose their lives for many years to come.

When Obama was a senator, he voted twice to deny any funds to help a baby who survived an abortion. How cruel. I suppose the nurse could just put the newborn infant in a closet and let him, or her, die of starvation and neglect. And many people are willing to let this man make critical life-and-death decisions for us? I’m not.

Where is God’s army? When we Catholics made our confirmation, we became “strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.” If ever we were needed on the field of battle, it is now.

Get out and vote.




Pipeline appreciated

TO THE EDITOR: As a dairy farmer in the North Country, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank both Assemblywoman Janet Duprey and Sen. Betty Little for getting the natural-gas pipeline to Chateaugay.

This pipeline will allow the McAdam’s Cheese Plant to save millions of dollars. This will, in turn, help all the dairy farmers in the North Country, and we all know that agriculture is the largest industry in this area.

Both Janet Duprey and Betty Little have been beneficial in getting this pipeline and are both advocates for the Northern Agricultural Development Program and all programs that will help the farmers of the North Country.

Please consider voting for them on Nov. 6.