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October 24, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2012

Jobs, economy

TO THE EDITOR: Make no mistake, the most important things in this nation are jobs and the economy.

We see friends, neighbors, relatives without jobs. Welfare and unemployment are a tremendous cost to those who are working.

Unemployment is down because more people are on welfare. This president indicated that he was going to get rid of NAFTA, he did not. Foreign countries have targeted our industries one at a time.

The furniture and paper industries are now being destroyed while our congressmen and senators sit on their hands and blow smoke up our you-know-what. Clothing and shoes and appliances were once made in the United States; those and other industries are closed. Try finding “American made” in the stores. Without a raise in tariffs, our industry cannot compete with someone getting 25 cents an hour.

Inflation is rampant, eating away at savings and buying power for the old and poor. Oil prices skyrocket while American oil is being sold overseas. The oil companies should be threatened with nationalization unless they sell our oil here. Get rid of oil speculation; it costs billions.

This deficit for four years will double what it took George Bush to do in eight years. It’s estimated that, with this same administration, in four more years the total will be about $25 trillion.

Illegal aliens take up 8,000,000 jobs from the people who need them the most: the poor and minorities. The approximate cost for processing and housing illegal inmates in the United States is a staggering $16,200,000,000. These are not the only costs.

This president is all sizzle and no bacon. If Romney can’t do the job in four years, fire him. I support no political party.




Experienced justice

TO THE EDITOR: Residents of Chazy, West Chazy, and Sciota, in this time of increased expenses, decreased revenues, and the need to do more with less, it is critical that people with experience serve your community.

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