January 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 2, 2013

Associated Press

Veterans tributes

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to publicly thank those who participated and supported our Dec. 15 Wreaths Across America ceremony at the Old Post Cemetery in Plattsburgh and the ceremonies at Riverside and Mount Carmel for local Medal of Honor recipients.

They were well attended and memorable. As with last year, I am proud of how our local veterans organizations worked together to honor the fallen, donating their time, talents and resources.

Our gratitude goes out to, but is not limited to: Trudeau Tree Farm for our lovely Christmas tree, the City of Plattsburgh, Veterans of Foreign War Post 1466, Disabled American Veterans Post 179, American Legion Posts 912 and 20, Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Honor Guard, Battle of Plattsburgh Association and Museum, Police Pipes & Drums of Plattsburgh, SUNY Plattsburgh ROTC, 15th U.S. Infantrymen 1814 and other re-enactors, New York State Guard, the 40 & 8, Clinton County Veterans Service Office and the American Military Retirees Association National Headquarters.

The Old Post Cemetery is the final resting place for 163 known soldiers and many family members. Thomas Kelly, Medal of Honor recipient, is laid to rest here; it is the location of our nation’s first Tomb of the Unknowns, where Battle of Plattsburgh soldiers and sailors are interred.

The wreaths placed were purchased by members of the public, and you may order for next year’s Dec. 14 event now at using Cemetery code NYOPCP and Sponsor code NYAMRA01.



Lake Champlain Chapter NY1

American Military Retirees Association


Obama merchandise

TO THE EDITOR: Our granddaughter received an “Obama Doll” for Christmas. After the holiday, I discard unwanted ones; first time a new doll leaves our home.

Not to desecrate the landfill, I will place it at a street corner indicating location of the welfare office; a symbolic gesture surely to be admired by all liberals.

The neighbor gave me “Obama Cologne”; it doesn’t smell good but maybe not supposed to? I’ll probably rewrap it and give to a liberal relative; they admire him so much, let them endure his odor.

I purchased a unique gift at a men’s clothing boutique: “Obama Undershorts” that can also be worn as a hat. Definitely a genuine liberal’s gift; they can’t distinguish their heads from their butts, so specific use is irrelevant. A must for wish lists and provides excellent perspective for the term “put your problems behind you.”

A friend gave me “Obama Shoes” — each foot’s a different size, causing me to walk in circles. Going nowhere likens me to Obama’s tenure but I prefer to walk in circles than walk in ignorance.

My grandson was selected for an “Obama Christmas Play.” I told him not to learn his lines but ad lib like Obama. He replied “Grandpa, I can’t lie forever; maybe they should use a liberal kid?”

It’s black, white and “blue,” smelly, despondent me going in circles while clutching the “Obama Doll.” I couldn’t get to the street corner or rewrap the cologne.

Refreshing news is that my grandson told the truth, and it’s my last “Obama Christmas.”




Better world

TO THE EDITOR: One thing is certain; the heavens opened up with a splendor and love reserved for such horrible incidents as Sandy Hook.

We have heard people saying that the children are “in a better place,” but those words cannot come close to containing what God is capable of, faced with tragedy. There is a perfect justice in this world, and we cannot even fathom how the divine is able to respond to these deepest evils, especially when they occur to those so innocent. Divine love and comfort can overcome anything that stands in opposition to it.

We ask ourselves, how can God allow this to happen? We will never know the answer while here on Earth. The wisdom that rules the universe leads all things to an eternal bliss that redeems all pain. The great sages declare that our time on Earth is an opportunity to learn, and although we dare not think of those killed as sacrifices for some greater good, we have an opportunity to make it so now that it has happened.

Freedom gives space for the greatest goods and evils to occur so that we can learn through our efforts. Our society creates huge voids where hurt, confused and pained individuals are left groping for love. We are good at loving our immediate family, but that love must extend to everyone equally. If we could do that, then Sandy Hook doesn’t happen, then Adam is noticed sooner, and then gun control becomes a non-issue.

As those children and teachers get used to their new home, they are eagerly and lovingly waiting to see what we will learn and do because of their sacrifice. Yes, they are indeed in a “better place,” and now we have to make the place they left behind better.



Westport Understands eviction

TO THE EDITOR: I am having a real hard time feeling sorry for the older couple in Abenaki Trailer Park.

I used to live in South Acres and worked for the owner. I know of several tenants over the years who moved from Abenaki to South Acres because they did not want to get rid of their dog. The rules of Abenaki have been the same and unchanged for years. So, these people should be an exception?

Any time you rent a place, even if it is just lot rent, before you make a change in your household, you make a phone call to the landlord.

There is no bullying here. They broke the rules and are being evicted. Period. End of story. I feel sorry for the landlords.



Plattsburgh Sandwich problem

TO THE EDITOR: I was in a convenience store one day and ordered a hot hamburg sandwich.

Seeing as they already sell hamburgs and hot roast beef sandwiches, I didn’t think it would be a problem making a hot hamburg sandwich. All the ingredients were there: hamburg, bread and gravy.

Imagine my surprise when the owner slammed the order on the counter and threw such a hissy fit (the only way I can describe it): “If it’s not on the menu, we don’t make it and that goes for our other store, too.”

It was definitely not in a very friendly tone. We canceled our remaining order and walked out, never to return again to that store nor to their other store. So, he doesn’t have to worry about making us anything not on the menu any more.

We mentioned his hissy fit to a couple of food places and they wondered, too, what was the big deal. He had all the ingredients.

The store in Moriah Center, although they have no hot sandwiches on their menu, made me a hot hamburger sandwich with no problem.

Only a sincere apology for his rude behavior would entice us to patronize his business again.