October 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 3, 2013


---- — Won’t compromise

TO THE EDITOR: After decades of abuse by their liberal tormentors in the media and academia, Republicans are suffering from the battered-wife syndrome.

In their desire to be loved and accepted by their tormentors, they are willing to compromise their integrity. I am not one of those Republicans.

For instance, I believed, and still believe, that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, treating people differently (based on skin color), flies in the face of equal treatment under the law. I am speaking of Affirmative Action.

I believe the “invisible clause” legalizing abortion makes a mockery of the Constitution’s 10th Amendment.

I believe that diversity is a wonderful thing. That’s why I’m glad we have 50 states. With 50 states to choose from, one can find a place filled with like-minded people to fit one’s lifestyle. However, the constant erosion of states rights and the creeping growth of federal power is a matter of worrisome concern.

If you agreed with Hitler in the ‘30s, Germany was a nice place to live; if you didn’t, not so good. Let’s not go there.




Tournament support

TO THE EDITOR: On behalf of the North Country Association for the Visually Impaired, we would like to thank organizations, businesses and individuals for their prize and financial contributions to the 10th-annual Golf for Sight Tournament, which was held on Aug. 2 at Harmony Golf Club & Community in Port Kent.

Thanks to AAA Northway, James Abendroth, Adirondack Museum, Adirondack Tack, Arnie’s, Ausable Chasm, Bluff Point Golf Resort, Boulevard Wine & Spirits, Cold River Associates, Crystal Rock, Cumberland 12 Cinemas, Daniel Blattberg, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Erenstone, Dunkin Donuts, Eco Car Wash, Eye Care for the Adirondacks, Eye Peek, First View Eye Care Associates, G. Robert Oyer, George and Shirley Moore Foundation, Gioiosa’s Wine & Spirits, Gordon Pratt Agency, Hamilton Funeral Home, Hara’s Salon, Harmony Golf Club, Industrial Med Testing Inc., Kinney Drugs, Kneucraft Fine Jewelry & Design, Lake Champlain Transportation, Liberty’s Garage, Malone Golf Club,  Marsha’s Homes, North Country Optical, Peru Federal Credit Union, Peru Lions Club, Plattsburgh Distributing, Precision Auto-Collision. Center, Price Choppers, Primary Eyecare Center, Ryan Burns, PE, Santa’s Workshop, Seasonal Services, Starbucks, Foundation of CVPH Medical Center, Kayak Shack, Walmart Vision Center, Wild Center, Tupper Lake Country Club, Tupper Lake Lions Club, VFW Post 1231 Canton, Warren Tire Service Center, Washland, Whiteface Club & Resort, Willsboro Golf Club and WIRY.

We express our appreciation to Eye Care for the Adirondacks for sponsoring our tournament once again this year.

Thank you to our board members and staff for your support, time and donations and special thanks to all who golfed. The day was a great success because of everyone’s support.


Executive director


Development coordinator

North Country Association for the Visually Impaired


Wonderful events

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank everyone who made the Battle of Plattsburgh week such a huge success.

The concerts were wonderful, and the Strand Theatre was the perfect venue.

The parades and re-enactments, food and festivities were all top notch. I especially enjoyed “Tom” singing the Bee Gees.

Can’t wait until next year.




Disturbing photo

TO THE EDITOR: On Monday, Sept. 9, on Channel 5, did anyone notice the horse that was all skin and bones?

Through the day, when they said “Tonight at 6,” they showed the horse and no one was arrested.

Channel 5, shame on you. You could have warned us when you showed the picture, meaning the picture you are about to see could be disturbing. My jaw dropped. I didn’t think it was very professional.




Legislators criticized

TO THE EDITOR: I’ve been reading about how the Franklin County legislators have been questioning Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill about if his deputies have the right to stop vehicles and enforce the laws of New York state, even going so far as to request detailed accounts of their patrol days.

Strange how all this has come about after one of their own was arrested for an alcohol-related offense. Nothing has ever appeared in the news prior to this that I’ve seen in regard to these concerns.

I think what they fail to realize is that if, after that stop, the deputy let him go, knowing he had been drinking, the liability would fall back onto the county if an accident happened. I suppose they would then be questioning Sheriff Mulverhill as to why that happened.

To the Franklin County legislators, if you want to be above the laws that are created, you’ll have to be elected to Congress.

Keep up the good work, Sheriff Mulverhill.




No more wars

TO THE EDITOR: To President Obama in care of Michelle Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC: Please, no more wars, no more killing, no bombing.

A better idea? Put a million-dollar bounty on any and all who make or use poison gas.


The Peace People

Saranac Lake


Upward Bound

TO THE EDITOR: On behalf of the staff and students at SUNY Plattsburgh Upward Bound, we would like to thank businesses, organizations and community members for helping make our 2013 Summer Program a success.

Thanks to Denton Publications, SUNY Plattsburgh Computing Support, Lakeview Dentistry, Evergreen Nursing Home, SUNY Plattsburgh Health Center, Total Computer Supplies, CVPH Rehabilitation Services, Adirondack Humane Society, WPTZ, Attorney General’s Office, ROTA Gallery, CSEA – Emy Pombrio, Lake Champlain Research Institute, Plattsburgh City Court, Clinton County Court, Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Peru Veterinary Hospital, Kaleidoscope Children’s Center, Alice Hyde Medical Center, Keeseville Library, Meadowbrook Nursing Home, Vilas Home, Salvation Army, SUNY Plattsburgh Community Garden, Mitch Carriere of Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Heidi Pellerin of Northeastern Clinton High School, Michelle Liberty of BHSN, Rhema Lewis of SUNY Plattsburgh and Chris Mann of Planned Parenthood.

The internship, social-issues workshop and community-outreach components of our program help to create awareness, build self confidence and strengthen college resumes.

Without your continued support these experiences would not be possible.



SUNY Plattsburgh Upward Bound