November 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 14, 2012


---- — Festival supporters

TO THE EDITOR: Cumberland Head Elementary School PTO held its first fall festival, Eaglepalooza, on Oct. 13.

The idea was conceived in the spring, but the festival was put together from start to finish in only four and a half weeks. This could not have happened without the time and effort of many individuals and the generous support of local businesses.

We would like to thank Sam and Mary Dyer of Shield’s Vegetable Stand for pumpkins; Chazy Orchards and Everett’s Orchards for apples; Cumberland Bay Market and Price Chopper for water; Castine family for hay, tractor and wagon; Simon Conroy for hay; Bubbin’s farm for their Gator; Dunkin’ Donuts for bouncy house, coffee and munchkins; Plattsburgh Distributing for signs; Larry Ebere for bouncy house; Taylor Rental for last-minute arrangement for an extra bouncy house; Press-Republican for the nice article; Cumberland Head Fire Department for fire trucks and use of their sign; Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and Deputy Hilliker for free children’s safety IDs; children’s entertainer and lead singer of PartyWolf Ashley Kollar for interactive musical entertainment; and the many parents, faculty, staff and community members who volunteered.

Lastly, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Ernie Garrand, who made the difficult decision to cancel the pony rides. The ponies were under the weather and had to be seen by a veterinarian that morning. Although some were disappointed, we are grateful that he did not risk the health of our children by bringing sick animals to the event. The ponies are feeling better, and we look forward having them at a future event.

We were pleased with the turnout and the joy we saw on the children’s faces. Already, we are looking forward to the second-annual Eaglepalooza.


PTO Secretary


Grant for tools

TO THE EDITOR: Chris Martin’s Daycare would like to thank North Country Healthy Heart Network Inc. for giving our day care a small grant that provided us with gardening tools and equipment.

The tools and equipment enabled us to enrich our day-care program with a wonderful garden this year and for many years to come. This was a great learning experience as the children in my day care had to take on the responsibility of tending to a garden, harvesting and then eating the veggies.

It is organizations like this that make it possible for small day cares in the area to make a big difference in their programs to make a positive impact on the lives of the children we take care of.

Thank you North Country Healthy Heart Network.


Dickinson Center


Supporting farmers

TO THE EDITOR: Recently, Congressman Bill Owens (D) introduced the Family Farm Relief Act, H.R.6373, in coordination with a bipartisan group of New York congressmen.The bill would improve the H-2A Visa program used by family farms in New York state by transferring oversight of the current H-2A farm worker program from the Department of Labor to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.Rep. Owens worked with Reps. Chris Gibson (R) and Tom Reed (R) in support of this bill. All three congressmen have seen first-hand the problems and the issues that growers across the state face when trying to secure reliable farm labor. New York agriculture is a major economic driver for our economy and is dependent on adequate labor. Many New York apple growers rely on the H-2A program as the only legal source of labor.On behalf of New York state apple growers, I want to thank Mr. Owens, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Reed for working across party lines for the good of New York agriculture.


President New York Apple Association Inc.