March 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 27, 2013


---- — Foundation fundraising

TO THE EDITOR: It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I announce the success of this year’s annual campaign for the Foundation of CVPH Medical Center.

This year, our campaign fundraising goal reached $250,000, a new record for the foundation. This brought the total raised for the year to just over $700,000.

Through the support of our donors, we touch thousands of lives throughout the North Country. In 2012, donations have been used to fund programs that improve the health of our community, such as funding for the library system to purchase relevant health materials and sponsoring a discussion on how traumatic situations affect children; to provide patient care program and equipment support for the Medical Center; assist 60 families with travel expenses for specialized care out of the area; educate health-care professionals to enhance patient care; support the CVPH diabetes self-management class, which taught 47 people how to better control their health; reach 1,000 people who attend health lectures on topics such as childhood obesity, diabetes management, prostate cancer and sports injuries in young athletes; and award health-care scholarships to nine high school seniors in Clinton County.

This year, we had nearly 60 campaign volunteers who actively solicited their friends and neighbors in support of the foundation. Their commitment and each donor’s gift have been critical to the success of our campaign and our programs. It is because of this generous support that we can provide these and many other vital health and wellness programs.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Foundation of CVPH in 2012. Whether through the annual campaign, a special event or other donation, you are helping people, funding programs, enhancing care and touching lives.


2012 annual campaign chair


Tobacco marketing

TO THE EDITOR: The tobacco industry keeps spending to hook new smokers.

They spend about $12.8 billion a year, $35 million each day to promote their products. In Maine, the portion of the total spent promoting tobacco is more than $59 million annually.

The tobacco industry targets children. Teens are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette advertising than they are by peer pressure. Kids are more than twice as likely as adults to recall tobacco advertising (28 percent of all adults recalled seeing tobacco ads while 53 percent of kids age 12 to 17 reported seeing tobacco ads).

Adolescents who own a tobacco promotional item and can name a cigarette brand whose advertising attracted their attention are twice as likely to become established smokers than those who did neither.

As much as a third of all youth who experiment with smoking do so because of effective tobacco industry marketing.

Kids who use these smokeless products are more likely to smoke cigarettes within four years.

Nearly 80 percent of all smokers begin smoking before age 18. Almost none start as an adult.




Border security

TO THE EDITOR: Border security is about to be weakened, resulting in a threat to national security.

Budget cuts that government has applied to Customs and Border Protection are about to undermine the core structure on which the Border Patrol has built and maintained our security.

These dedicated agents have proven over the years that attempts to enter our country between the ports are far more a threat than what walks through the door. Thousands of illegal aliens, terrorist threats, felons, etc. and significant amounts of illegal drugs are stopped from entering our country every year by these individuals.

Now due to budget cuts, CBP has chosen to meet these demands by decreasing the hours our Border Patrol agents will be on the job. This cut in hours is the equivalent of losing 5,000 agents from our borders.

This will result in having to desperately come up with new schedules and alter the workforce in an attempt to maintain security levels we are used to with reduced manpower. Appears border security is about to take the back seat so wasteful spending can continue in other areas.

It’s time government trims the fat in areas that will not affect our national security and our children’s future. These men and women support our communities and keep us safe so let’s show them support in return. Last thing we need as a country is another tragedy like 9/11.

People we have elected to run this country are failing to do so with the best interest of all in mind. As U.S. citizens, we need to stick together as a whole, regardless of political views. We need to ensure that national security is not threatened during this time of political chaos.

Voice your concern; together we can make a difference.




Chronically inept

TO THE EDITOR: The letter to editor in regard to enlisting more Democrats was unconvincing.

New recruits are easily converted because the mentally dysfunctional strive to be Democrats; it’s in their DNA and passed on like family heirlooms.

They’re persistently deceptive, mentally astray and chronically inept, essential Democrat attributes. As a safety precaution, they should be wearing GPS ankle monitors; we’d know where they are, and they would, too. It’s a dreadful existence to be mentally and physically lost.

Dozens of new Democrats were created? I wouldn’t wish that on any society, but if we had their names we’d at least know who to watch in regard to dubious behavior. They obviously possess psychological disorders validated by their Democrat signings and press writings.

The new recruits have seen the “Democratic light” but are in “mental darkness.” They’re not only new Democrats but Republican rejects, lacking the capacity for rational reasoning. That’s why the last presidential election was lost; there’s more rejects than thinkers.

You can’t make a “donkey drink” or “Democrat think;” there’s no cures for their misguided mindsets or thirsty mascots. Democrat minds and virgin oil fields are untapped resources that may never be productive. It might require some form of exploratory “head fracking” to extract anything that borders on coherent thinking and logical judgment.

It’s stated “a mind is a terrible thing to waste;” in light of their viewpoints, it might be for the best or already occurred? It does restrict most legal proceedings; one must be genuinely “sound of mind.”

Do you think the country is on the right course? Don’t blame the thinkers, go after the rejects; they’re obviously more plentiful and thus easier to find.

You probably already know or sign their names.




Private airstrip

TO THE EDITOR: Perhaps Mr. Arbour and his consultants might want to check with some of the local population who happen to have private airstrips in close proximity in Essex County on how to deal with those “naysayers” in Ray Brook.

As to the Adirondack Park Agency having jurisdiction over any aviation asset, even private airstrips, I think they might want to check with both the New York State Department of Transportation Aviation Division and the Federal Aviation Administration. Normally, all aviation interests in this state are controlled by these two groups, not the APA.

I wonder just what size airstrip he is planning, and does it possibly enhance the economic future of that area, as they can sure use the help. These might be considerations for the Town Council and county administration to use in arguments with anyone not interested in people actually living and working in the Adirondack Park, especially as he seems to be planning on using his own money, initially, to build this facility.