Letters To The Editor

February 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 1, 2013

Grant from UPS

TO THE EDITOR: In late 2012, The Champlain Children’s Learning Center learned that it would need to replace all of its cribs due to new safety standards.

As a non-profit child-care center, this was disheartening news because budgets are tight, especially when the expenses are unplanned.

We turned to the UPS Foundation for help and were awarded a $7,000 grant from their organization. This grant paid for eight regular cribs with storage drawers and bedding along with two evacuation cribs.

The center was able to become completely in compliance long before the deadline and with no out-of-pocket expenses. We were also able to choose a higher quality-crib than if we had funded them ourselves.

Not only did the grant pay for cribs, it also helped us furnish our two new classrooms and purchase educational materials for our recent expansion. This allowed us to put together our classrooms much more quickly and with higher quality.

We will be purchasing curtains and wiring for air conditioning in our last classroom with this money, as well.

The center would like to thank the UPS Foundation and all those involved in the decision-making process that felt our cause was worthy.

We also need to send out a thank-you to Tammy Poirier for participating in enough volunteer hours to make us eligible for this grant and for writing the proposal as a UPS employee. She and Melissa Cook performed more than 50 hours of volunteer service for our organization.

On behalf of the center, its staff, families and Board of Directors, we would like to express our thanks for the generosity of all these people and the UPS Foundation. They truly made a difference for our organization.



Champlain Children’s Learning Center Inc.

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