January 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 30, 2013


---- — Gun violence

TO THE EDITOR: I congratulate Congressman Owens on his recently announced assignment to the Defense and Homeland subcommittees of the Congressional Appropriations Committee. That’s not bad for a two-term congressman.

The congressman, however, should not confuse his support for such Army installations as Fort Drum with the equally urgent need to legislate President Obama’s plan to protect our communities by reducing gun violence.

There is no question that our military forces and our police should be properly armed. However, the Second Amendment militia argument used by the National Rifle Association and others is an outdated fiction. It is a smokescreen used to protect the sales of gun manufacturers and gun dealers, and it should be treated as such.

No other civilized nation authorizes the random arming of its citizens as we do. And consequently, no other civilized nation has as high an annual rate of random gun deaths as we do.

I, too, am a veteran (World War II and Korea), and I know what weapons can do.

I urge Congressman Owens to take a stand with the president’s actions against gun violence in our communities. And, in that process, I hope he will also reach across the aisle to try to persuade thoughtful Republicans to join him.

This should not be a partisan issue.




Lack of crosswalk

TO THE EDITOR: A while back, I wrote you of dangers of crossing the road to get to and from the CVPH Plaza and Hannaford Grocery.

Though the road was recently painted, their work does not designate the crosswalk, which is engineered at that very location.

Whoever tells the road crew is clearly at fault. If someone is hit there, whoever handles work orders, with his ivory tower and collection rubber stamps, will find his sorry butt in a jam.

God bless America.




Turbine noise

TO THE EDITOR: Town officials, hang your heads in shame for treating the people of Churubusco without respect.

When will the town officials that are in office in the Town of Clinton in Churubsco wake up and take the money-filled blindfolds off green-filled eyes.

Before the startup of Marble River Vesta’s wind turbine 500 feet high, I asked the town wind committee, how are you going to be able to determine what company is making the noise? I asked for a noise compliance test be done before Marble River Turbines were built to clearly test Noble turbines for compliance to noise levels. It was denied.

Now Marble River’s turbine are on line. The noise is compounded with Noble’s turbine noise levels. The noise and the sun flicker on people’s homes is clearly abuse of the people in their homes.

The wind town law of 50 decimals is not acceptable. This law must be changed to protect the people.

I challenge the town officials. Do your job: Amend the town wind law to 35 decimals; protect the people’s rights.




Media, shootings

TO THE EDITOR: This is what I have personal feelings on:

I believe the shootings at schools continue because it all started with Columbine shooting (every year it is on the news, television). The media has played it up so huge on television and the newspapers that it is such a high glorified publication and publicizing of the sad event that the others do it for recognition and acknowledgement.

Stop printing and televising all the shootings and bad, evil things.

Also, let the families of these victims and relatives have peace. We do not need 9/11 and all other evil events repeated over and over again. It is advertising, and it invites and gives people that have mental or bad issues ideas.

It has happened over and over again throughout our nation. Let it go — put it on the “back burner” and leave it alone. Stop. It happened. It is done — don’t remind people that they can do it again and again.

When something bad and evil happens, the whole world does not need to know and every year remind them, hey, who wants to do it next.




President’s spending

TO THE EDITOR: I am thankful that we are still free to write the newspaper and express our concerns and opinions.

It concerns me that our president is so quick to write executive orders to solve a problem. I thought he promised to bring people together, yet his own cabinet members were reported to say he rarely met with them. He likes acting on his own.

Our Constitution gave powers to three different parts of government for a reason: so no one part would dictate the law. Our president continues to be the “Blamer in Chief” as he tries to divide and conquer the Republican Party. Remember that a single-party rule is also known as communism.

The debt is a serious matter and raising the debt limit is admitting failure to solve the problem. This president has added more than 100 new government agencies (mostly regulatory) with hundreds of new government employees. Soon we will not be able to support our government.

There are agencies that could be consolidated or eliminated. But, the president does not seem to want to cut spending. Mr. Reid has aided the president’s unrestrained spending by refusing to pass a budget.

Americans need to watch closely as our president blames everyone but himself for the huge debt. Increasing the debt limit is not the solution to our spending problem. Downsizing the massive government (not Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security) might help.

As more and more people depend on the government, I think of the quote by President Gerald Ford: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”


North Bangor


Saranac Democrats

TO THE EDITOR: If you live in the Town of Saranac and would consider serving on the Town of Saranac Democratic Committee, please attend our next regularly scheduled meeting at 7 p.m. March 6 in Town Hall.

Just show up. No commitment necessary. No age requirement. No prerequisite, condition or qualification needed other than having a dose of curiosity. See if serving in this minor community role is something you would enjoy. Or, maybe you have had a passing thought about something a bit more major, like running for local office.

Well, come to the meeting and ask questions. In order for a two-party system to work, at any level, a sense of civic pride and care needs to be championed by the ordinary person. Maybe that’s you?

If you are hesitant about just showing up, you can give me a call, 293-8118.


Town Democratic chairman