Letters To The Editor

January 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 14, 2013



TO THE EDITOR: Through the generosity of the communities of Mooers and Mooers Forks, the Giving Tree program had another successful year in 2012.

Parishioners of St. Ann’s and St. Joseph’s churches, along with employees at Mooers Elementary School, helped to provide Christmas gifts for more than 50 children in the area. The dedication and holiday spirit displayed by all the volunteers was wonderful to see and made a real difference to the many young people who are served by the program.

Special thanks to Cindy and Debbie Mooso, Carrie and Ethan Dumas, Phyllis Wilson and Andy Poupore for their time spent setting up Giving Trees in the local churches, delivering, organizing and handing out presents at Mooers Elementary School.

Our community is fortunate to have people so willing to help others during the holiday season.


Giving Tree Program coordinator

Mooers Elementary School nurse



TO THE EDITOR: After watching the actions of the Ticonderoga Town Council for the last few years, the fact that our town has a severe leadership void is more than a little apparent.

The latest straw on the camel’s back is having a state grant, with the support of the supervisor, secured to help Hacker Boat leave town. I just don’t understand how that can happen. Even Sen. Little was fooled, considering her statement of how good the grant would be for Ti.

Hacker has stated they need a larger facility and that is the main reason they are leaving. Did anyone think to mention the Lowe’s building?

We are spending $13 million on a water-supply system when we seem to have one of the better sources in the state already being used. We do have a 100-year-old delivery system that is receiving no attention other than Band-Aids when it breaks. So do we wind up with a new supply and no way to deliver the water? Or do we spend another $13 million to do what needs doing now?

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