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January 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 1, 2013

Concert, Christmas

TO THE EDITOR: “Outstanding” succinctly describes the performance of the youngsters at the Oak Street School winter concert that I attended.

Kudos to the music director; it was worth the trip from Massachusetts to see youngsters perform so genuinely and adeptly, particularly our grandchildren. All are deserving of an A plus.

Sadly, however, there was a presumably and intentional omission of the crux of the occasion: Christmas.

To be sure, the program contained the symbol of the menorah (fine), a symbol of a “holiday” tree (OK), stick figures of four images of people singing (acceptable), but no image or representation of what the “holiday” is about: Christmas (totally unacceptable).

No Hint of a cross or manger scene, no hint of Christmas. What’s more, this secularistic program also contained no carols of the savior.

Gone are the days when it was OK to sing about Jesus. Gone are the days when it was OK to mention God in school. Gone are the days when it was OK to say a prayer in public.

Shame on this rapidly decaying society — from the White House; federal, state and local politicians; ACLU; and school boards.

God-fearing people — who respect principles on which this country was founded — are increasingly evaporating into a callous, indifferent, apathetic society. Unless America wakes up, Christmas will no longer be a part of our heritage.

With all due respect to all who read this: “Merry Christmas.”


Paxton, MA


Town activities

TO THE EDITOR: As we look forward to ski season, we are filled with warm memories of summer activities, including paddling trips sponsored by the Town of Plattsburgh Recreation Department.

Guided by Recreation & Youth Services Director Melanie Defayette and Recreation Program Coordinator Erin Pranghorn, the trips were delightful experiences full of fun and fellowship.

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