March 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 8, 2013


---- — Dangerous section

TO THE EDITOR: On Feb. 20, I had an experience I will never forget.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., I left our Highway Department and headed toward Dannemora. As I was driving through the “dam” on Route 374, the wind came up, and I was literally stuck in the dam.

It was a complete whiteout; you could not see a thing. I got out and rocked my vehicle 12 to 15 times back and forth and finally got myself out of the snow bank. (Thank you, Robin Bechard of G & G Tire, for the snow tires I have. They saved my life).

Four other vehicles were hit that day in the same place.

New York State Department of Transportation has to have their engineers study this location. Someone is going to get killed during the winter months with the lack of visibility during storms. In 53 years of driving, that was the worst I have ever seen. This is a public-safety issue. This road should have been closed down until the storm stopped. I was fortunate.

The state workers are doing a great job plowing, but where was the big snow blower when we needed it that day? People deserve more than we are getting in this area, and we are tired of being second bananas.

Perhaps if a representative from DOT came and drove through that section personally, something would be done, considering their lives would be at risk.


Dannemora town supervisor

Lyon Mountain


Caring workers

TO THE EDITOR: I often visit friends living at Pine Harbour Assisted Living and Vilas Home in Plattsburgh.

Those who serve and care for them there are doing a great job. Let’s appreciate them and their smiles.




Illegal immigration

TO THE EDITOR: Fixing illegal immigration is complicated. Why?

Illegal is illegal. All illegals should leave at once. Return if you want when you are legal and not before.

Anyone who wants illegals to run our country is a traitor. Anyone who gives money to someone to vote is a traitor. I think traitors were publicly hanged.

The money earned here by migrant workers is sent to their family. It does not help our economy.

Before coming here, learn to read, write and speak your own language. Become educated. When you arrive here, learn to speak, read and write our language, English. 

We have much because our two genders are allowed to intermingle to help each other. Both genders are free. Jealous?

We also believe in education of both genders into adulthood. Jealous?

It is your problem, not ours.