March 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 5, 2013


---- — Sustainable development

TO THE EDITOR: I know why Big Tupper Ski Center expansion is not being approved by the Adirondack Park Agency and their friends, the environmentalists: sustainable development, the root of all our problems.

I have a paper stating that items that these people deem are not sustainable include ski runs, hunting of wild game, grazing of livestock, plowing the soil, building fences, industry, single-family homes, paved and tarred roads, logging activities, dams and reservoirs, power line construction and economic systems that fail to set proper value on the environment.

You can trace the roots back to a United Nations policy document called Agenda 21, adopted at the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992. You’ve heard of it through different names, including cap and trade, smart growth, global warming, social justice and public/private partnerships.

Meanwhile, international organizations like the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives are slowly turning our communities into little “soviets.”

President Obama’s agenda has come to mean denied use and resources locked away from human hands; it has become a code word for an entire economic and social agenda. Lock entire areas of the United States away so no oil resources, etc., can be harvested for the good of the people.

Sustainable development is the process by which America is being reorganized around a central principle of state collectivism using the environment as bait, that individuals must give up selfish wants for the needs of the common good or “community.” How does this differ from communism?

Global warming? The climate has cooled in the past decade. Go to your computer and put in HAARP, a “weather machine” controlled by your federal government that can be used to create weather-related destruction anywhere in the United States or can send hurricanes, etc., back out to sea.


AuSable Forks


Gun registration

TO THE EDITOR: Relax; you are not going to lose your guns. Too many of the public listen to and believe the NRA’s raging lunatics, Wayne LaPierre and Dave Keene.

They have only one goal: to protect the gun and ammunition makers that provide them with unaccounted millions of dollars.

They are not interested in your rights but will utter false information to create the havoc many gun owners believe spell doom.

If you own a gun, do not panic. Do not rush out and foolishly buy all the guns and ammo that you cannot afford. Your Second Amendment rights will not be violated.

As in all civilization, there are certain things we do — we register to vote, we register to drive a vehicle, we register to own a vehicle/boat. Why not a gun?

Registration helps in many ways — recovery of a stolen object, identity of a vehicle/gun used in a crime, prevents false voting, etc. You register with medical care, banking, credit cards; everything we do makes life easier and safer for everyone.

Registering your guns helps guarantee the return of a gun if stolen/lost. If the law asks you to register your guns, do it willingly, and continue the pleasure of ownership.

I had been a federal licensed dealer, licensed to carry in New York, Florida, 20 plus other states and Quebec.

I have owned numerous guns, carried and used them for years in law enforcement and personal business protection. I have divested my home of guns, but I still believe in the right to own. So shall you.

At the time of the writing 222 years ago, the firearm was a long-barreled, flintlock, muzzle-loading, single-shot musket that required pouring powder, shot and wadding to be rammed down to the firing mechanism.

Feel fortunate.




Contradiction seen

TO THE EDITOR: In a recent Press-Republican, on the front page, there is an apparent ironical news article that occurred recently.

The news is about a woman who was sentenced to five years probation. She was also warned that she could be sent to state prison if she violated any of the terms of her probation and was ordered to perform community service. Also, she will not be allowed to own a domestic animal “of any species” or live in a home that has a pet. Also, she is not to be left alone with a child under 16.

How contradictous it becomes when we accept the indisputable fact that people with an MD licence and their assistants have chopped up preborn babies at 66 Brinkerhoff St. for some years.

More than 1,000 little ones have suffered this fate, and our laws allow it.

Where have American priorities gone?