March 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 2, 2013


---- — Honor Flights

TO THE EDITOR: Thanks to the rapidly growing interest in the North Country Honor Flight, we are expanding our schedule to four Honor Flights this year to serve our World War II veterans.

The May 18 flight is already full, but we have some seats remaining on our mid June flight and all seats available for our September and October flights. A few guardian spots are also still available for the June flight.

Please also take note our first fundraiser is Saturday, March 2, at the Cabin Fever Party hosted by the Keeseville Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1505.

Please call 834-1505 for details, dinner starts at 5 p.m., and many World War II vets will be present to meet everyone attending.



North Country Honor Flight


Coach praised

TO THE EDITOR: Once in a while, a coach comes along with all the right motivation and reason to coach area athletes, a person who is motivated by discipline, respect and whose sole purpose is to see area youths benefit and grow as a team and hopefully help establish and or enrich the district’s scholastic programs.

He accomplishes this not just for the present but for years to come. Although this district has many competent and respected coaches who consistently produce successful programs, this individual has consistently put his personal life aside while missing games and or events that his son maybe involved in.

This type of dedication is not seasonal or short term; he has done so and dedicated himself to coaching and or assist in coaching for the betterment of the program and area youths from all local districts and all ages in several sports year round, without misplaced motivation.

When a position becomes available in the future, it would be my position — and I’m sure I can speak for most of the parents who have had the pleasure of having him mentor their child throughout the years — that the district please strongly consider this person, based on his merit and dedication to area youths.

His credentials were earned and not gained from any political position or for any other reason other than what’s best for the kids both as an athlete and a person.

I challenge anyone to find a more competent ,dedicated coach. I consider him friend.

Thank you, coach Dave Manney.




Visiting students

TO THE EDITOR: It is a pleasure to write this letter to your community.

On Feb. 12, Plattsburgh High School students made the long trek to the Albany Veterans Administration Stratton Hospital.

My husband was one of the patients they visited.

Be proud. These students made lovely valentines and had additional items to help pass the time. They were warm and friendly to each patient. They were respectful as they thanked them for their service to our country. Their quiet presence in the hallways was mature and appropriate.

In these cost-cutting times, our compliments to the organizer of the trip and provider of transportation.

It was wonderful to meet your students.




Tough penalty

TO THE EDITOR: I, as well as millions of others, including most hunters, was shocked at how fast our government slipped a gun-control bill by the people. 

I do agree that some people shouldn’t own any guns, much less an AK-47 assault rifle. As much as I have read and seen on TV, news, I have yet to hear much of anything about the hunters. We, as hunters, are not mentally ill or as deranged, as some people would like to think.

Also, I have heard about registration of all guns, renewal of pistol permits every five years, etc. I didn’t see anything about the dollar fees we will be charged. What a plan for our government, to make millions of dollars, and you can bet we will pay plenty for this.

What we really need is the toughest penalty of all, and that is our judicial system. If a person commits a murder and is convicted, they should face the electric chair within three months, saving we, the taxpayers, money to support them while behind bars. 

That would solve the release of these killers back into society to kill again. I feel the crime rate would deplete. Cruel and inhumane, I think not.