Letters To The Editor

June 18, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 18, 2013


In addition, kudos to Jay Heald, who donated all the chickens. Despite the heat and humidity, he happily stood over the barbecue grilling 150 delicious-tasting chicken halves. He worked in tandem with American Post 20 Manager Peter Gallagher, who worked tirelessly in the kitchen to oversee preparation of the dinner platters.

Four fantastic members of Saranac Key Club enthusiastically volunteered to serve the meals to hungry diners. Thank you to them, to all the fabulous bakers who made so many delightful desserts and to those wonderful volunteers who helped with setup and cleaned up after dinner.

We would like to thank Compass Rose Band for the enjoyable musical entertainment.

And finally, thanks so much to all of you who turned out to participate in this event. The Elmore SPCA Board of Directors and staff greatly appreciate your continued support and generosity to help animals in need.



Elmore SPCA Board of Directors


Information available

TO THE EDITOR: Unfortunately, a person with top U.S. security clearance has violated the trust of the government and has undermined our security efforts in preventing a catastrophe on our soil or that of our friendly countries.

The information gained had interrupted previously unknown terrorist attacks on our soil, and a program was in place, by previous Congress approval, that allowed these searches.

Unfortunately, this leak has caused the public to be misinformed and scared that our government is scanning and listening to our phone calls. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With valid facts of an attempt to harm our country, a search warrant would have to be issued by a Supreme Court justice to further the investigation, whether the involved persons involved are from the USA or a foreign country.

All of the records that you wrongly believe private are, and have been, public records since the day you were born: birth certificate, Social Security number, military SSN, address, telephone number, hospital and doctor records, credit-card numbers, marriage license, driver’s license and on and on.

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