Letters To The Editor

April 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 11, 2014

Highway crew lauded

TO THE EDITOR: Spring is finally arriving, and my husband and I wanted to send a thank you to the Peru Town Highway Department for all of their wonderful work this winter.

We have only lived here for three years, but we are so impressed each time the snow comes how diligently the town handles our road and those we travel on a daily basis.

We see numerous trucks making multiple passes down our road; we hear them at night and during the day from the moment snow begins to well after it has stopped.

Of course, we see them throughout the rest of the year, as well, but winter is when the roads are at their most perilous, so we are grateful for their hard work. 

Thank you to the entire crew for all that you do.




Fracking effects

TO THE EDITOR: It was encouraging to see a headline in the April 2 Press-Republican supporting the city’s resolution on fracking.

Yes, citizens need jobs. Yes, we take for granted readily available energy. Yes, gas burns cleaner than coal (but releases methane in the extraction process). Yes, there are many who support fracking.

However, I hope your readers are looking seriously at Mr. LoTomplio’s article.

Water is a humble but precious resource. In the 1940s, fracking was developed using 20,000-80,000 gallons of water for drilling. Since the 1990s, a newer-style drilling has been employed that uses 3 million-7.8 million gallons of fresh water.

How often do the average Americans reflect on their use of adequate, clean and accessible water?

Food and Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter has interviewed people across the country who have experienced the effects of fracking after leasing land to energy corporations. They “have had their well water contaminated with methane, their health impacted, their air polluted and the value of their homes destroyed.”

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