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April 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 4, 2013

Sequestration cuts

TO THE EDITOR: Reading the Press-Republican newspaper, the Editorial Page caught my eye even more on Match 16.

The page had an article “Administration resists simple fixes for cuts,” written by the Washington Examiner’s Byron York. It tells all of the readers just how the Obama Administration is making sure the sequester cuts are as painful on the American people. To me, it is “in your face, America” and in spite.

Remember, White House, the sequester was passed by you and by both Congress. It was suppose to shock all parties involved to come to the bargaining table and pass a comprise that all could live with it. Now it is the “law of the land.”

Also in the newspaper is an article “Air traffic tower closure will strip airspace safety net.” To me, this is a Doomsday event if ever there was one, for anyone in America that flies, knowing that the Obama Administration is causing a catastrophe and a chasm. To put all people who fly every day in jeopardy and the people on the ground is a cruel thing to do, President Obama. How low can you go? You are in office to save lives not take them.

I am sorry for the American people. Maybe it is just me, but all Americans should be calling for reforms from the White House. But I guess Americans accept what will be in a few weeks. Step up to the plate, America, and change things that can be changed.

God forbid that anyone loses their lives over this. I hope that I don’t read about any airplane crashes in the daily newspapers.




Cancer walk

TO THE EDITOR: The Cancer Services Program of Clinton County recently held the first Winter Blues Walk at the U.S. Oval in Plattsburgh to support Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

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