Letters To The Editor

March 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor: March 24, 2014

Changes in SAT

TO THE EDITOR: In response to Kathleen Parker’s column in the Press-Republican on March 11, I find it ironic that the new SAT is going to have a focus on founding documents and their authors.

When the last new SAT was introduced, it added a writing component that would demonstrate an ability to do college work. Results were so poor that they have now dropped that component.

At a time when many schools are no longer teaching cursive writing, how exactly are students going to be able to read or interpret these documents. Even when cursive was taught, this required attention and a fair amount of practice by the student. 

This is just another example of how far removed from actual classroom practices most of the testing companies are. We spend millions of dollars on tests generated by private, for-profit companies who continue to evaluate things not taught in the classroom and often not indicative of future success. 

The reason for revamping the SAT once again is profit. Students who did not like the format of the new SAT took the ACT instead, cutting into the profits generated for the SAT. So the SAT is revamping its test again to try to win back a majority share of the pre-college testing market. 

When will we accept that there is no paper and pencil test that will adequately demonstrate who will have future success? Many of the qualities of success cannot be measured with a pencil. Ambition, hard work, resourcefulness, pride, instinct, etc., will take most people however far they are interested in going. 

We need to boycott standardized testing before we create a generation of future leaders who do not reach their full potential because the SAT and other testing companies told them they were not success material.



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