Letters To The Editor

March 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor: March 17, 2014

Hopes for return

TO THE EDITOR: I hear with great regret that your wonderful newspaper has been notified that Garry Trudeau has discontinued his daily Doonesbury comics.

Every morning, I look forward to enjoying your paper for over 50 years and the Doonesbury comic almost as long.

Doonesbury is our hometown comic. Garry Trudeau was right from here, Saranac Lake, the center of your circulation. I have been enjoying it since it started maybe 40 years ago.

Granted, one must learn all the characters. This shouldn’t take over five or 10 years. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau could put out a set of directions or a playbook, so newbies could get aboard quicker.

The whole thing started as a group of friends at a small New Hampshire, basket-weaving, liberal arts college, I believe, named Walden or something like that. I think Mr. Trudeau was one of them. Then after graduation they all went their ways in life.

They encompassed all the different cultures and vocations available at the time. It’s sort of like any large dysfunctional family stepping out into the world. Some are more successful than others.

He cleverly and entertainingly mimics all the outrageous and stupid things going on in government, business and every day life. He uses all his friends and acquaintances from Walden as characters. Now, he’s into sons and daughters and grandkids of his motley crew. But, as I say, it takes some time to get aboard.

Best you get Mr. Trudeau to put out a set of directions or a play book, but please don’t let his lapse in my favorite daily comic be for too long.



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