Letters To The Editor

March 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: March 15, 2014

Abused animals

TO THE EDITOR: What has become of our trusted legal system when animals are not cared for?

Many are left abandoned, abused and without food, water or shelter.

It’s up to our elected officials (judges) to enforce laws that protect animals.

When is it acceptable that an offender serves two days in jail and no additional jail time at sentencing? Better yet, when is it OK to hear the judge say he finds it remarkable that a case he was ruling on had generated so much attention?

Why do our laws get made when judges themselves do not enforce them?

There were helpless puppies abandoned at multiple locations. Then a case of horses with multiple neglect issues. Today, it’s cattle found dead. Those remaining alive were found in such poor condition.

It appears that people who violate and cause harm can cite poor health of themselves. Lack of monetary funds to provide food and proper care as reasons to abuse, neglect and to even allow/cause an animal’s death.

There are not enough excuses to be made to cause pain, suffering, even starvation to animals. Just as there should be no reason that judges do not apply and execute all laws protecting animals. Do the crime, pay the fine and serve maximum jail time. Until this is done, animal abuse/mistreatment will continue.

Personally, I thank the law-enforcement officers, state troopers, sheriff departments, City Police and citizens who respond and report all animal abuse issues.

I commend DA Marx for his passion and support to end animal abuse and neglect. As for many of the judges handling these cased, my verdict is still out.


AuSable Forks

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