Letters To The Editor

January 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 8, 2014

Child abuse

TO THE EDITOR: In regard to the recent story about a 2-month-old girl who had been beaten by her father so severely that she needed surgery to relieve pressure on her brain and was in serious condition at Fletcher Allen.

I almost wept when I read it. I was very upset that this could happen to such a small human being. What did this tiny little girl do to him to make him so angry, and what was the mother doing while he was doing this?

I hope that he goes in front of Judge Main because he will be sorry that he ever did what he done. As for Child Protective Services being involved, I hope that they do a very thorough investigation.

My husband was hotlined eight times for child abuse to our handicapped son. He’d never leave marks, just pinch or slap, that was enough. But he was a large man, and I’m a small woman, at least height-wise, and I was scared to report it. CPS knew, but it always came back unfounded. I don’t care who knows it now; hubby died 11 years ago.

I have a 4-month-old great-nephew, and if anybody ever did that to him or his older brothers, I would track this person down and both his grandmothers would help me, i’m sure, and probably do bodily harm.

My prayers are with this infant, and I’m sure every goodhearted person who has read or heard about this tragic incident is also praying.

Angels are on her shoulder, and God is looking down on her. She has the best doctors in the hospital anybody could ask for. I know some of those doctors; they are wonderful and very caring.



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