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January 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 6, 2014

Show respect

TO THE EDITOR: The Viewpoint of Jan. 1 stressed that our nation needs to overcome the divisiveness that has marked recent years.

It is frightening to consider what will become of our country if we do not enter a time of healing and respect for each other.

Just a few days ago, a Letter to the Editor from the Clinton County Democratic chairperson went against all that the Viewpoint called for. The person who wrote the letter took a verbal victory dance for all of the wins his party experienced in the November elections.

Perhaps he does not realize that many voters choose the candidate that they feel is best qualified. We are not all “party-line voters,” and many are not aligned with any party at all.

Remember the saying, “All politics are local.” Do not assume that the results in our county forecast a victory for any certain party in 2014 or 2016.

Please show respect for people who do not align themselves with your political thought. A nation divided against itself will remain a weak nation.




China policy

TO THE EDITOR: I have a problem with the way the Associated Press spun the story of China’s one-child policy on Dec. 29.

In China, you are essentially fined or pay a tax of $1,500 (U.S.) if you have a second or third child.

In the USA, we also have a controversial policy of allowing a tax credit for people with children. So differing tax policies is at issue.

Now, personally, I don’t have any children, and I believe people with children should be taxed an extra $1,500 for their burdensome children; why should I pay extra for you?

So, when AP spun their story, I was doubly offended. The AP left out the most important part. China does not have a one-child policy. They have a tax on extra children. 

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