Letters To The Editor

February 7, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 7, 2014

Mailbox access

TO THE EDITOR: Please remember that your mail carrier is outside, every day, hot weather and cold, and needs to have easy access to your mailbox.

Those on foot need cleared sidewalks, walkways and steps. Those in vehicles need an area large enough to pull up, make the delivery/pickup and room to pull out again.

As a test, think about getting in your own vehicle, sitting on the passenger side with your left foot working the gas and braking. Think about pulling up to your mailbox to stop, open the box and reach out. Is it easy to reach something in the back of the box? Do you still have your left foot on the brake?

When finished, they must check for vehicles coming up behind them and pull out when it is safe to do so. Now multiply this action by 450 or so stops, six days a week. Please help the carriers do their job by doing your part.




Stuck at cemetery

TO THE EDITOR: Over Christmas, my family was visiting the grave of my daughter, Julie, in Mount Carmel Cemetery.

Way in the back ,we got stuck, and it was late in the day.

A young man going up Main Mill Street on his bicycle (we never got his name) saw our predicament, tried to climb the fence but couldn’t. He went back and entered the cemetery from South Catherine Street. He was very pleasant, but all of us couldn’t budge the car. We offered him some money, but he accepted only part of it. He was always a gentleman.

Soon AAA, Gallaghers Hauling, came to our rescue and was very accommodating. It is nice to know that many young people do care.




Generous donations

TO THE EDITOR:  On behalf of the 962nd Ordnance Company, thank you for your support and generous donations.

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