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December 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 28, 2013

Democratic gains

TO THE EDITOR: I can’t hold back any longer.

Democrats need to pat themselves on the back: five City Council seats, seven county legislators and the county treasurer. We are still waiting for the results at the town council.

All in all, I think the public has spoken: They want change.

Makes me proud to be a Democrat. Too bad, I didn’t run. We would have had six seats on the City Council. Maybe next time. I can’t wait until these Democrats take office.

The election in 2014 should be interesting. I would figure that the Democratic Party will take control of the Congress and in 2016 Hillary will breeze in as the first woman president.

We can definitely thank tea party rhetoric for all this Democratic election victory. Thank you, tea party. Keep up the good work.




Late mailings

TO THE EDITOR: Let this be a fair warning to my fellow taxpayers.

On Nov. 26, 2013, I wrote 11 separate checks in payment for the third installment of school taxes due to Clinton County.

These checks and county receipts were then placed in two individual envelopes addressed to the Clinton County treasurer, hand canceled and mailed in the Morrisonville Post Office.

They traveled to Albany via the new required routing system and were returned to the Clinton County treasurer nearly three weeks later.

The 11 uncashed checks were then returned to me along with a letter stating that the checks were delinquent and that the school taxes they covered would be re-levied to me with the 2014 property taxes due in January, including a 7 percent penalty charge.

The letter also said I could get the penalty back sometime in 2014 if I timely filled out 11 separate petitions in duplicate.

Can you imagine? It took almost three weeks for two envelopes mailed in Morrisonville to reach the Clinton County Treasurer’s Office in Plattsburgh. And I’m responsible!

By the way, I was told that this inordinate mailing delay has been experienced by others a number of times in the recent past.

My complaints to several political offices, including the congressional level, have gone unanswered to date. It seems that the U.S. Postal System is untouchable.



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