November 2, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 2, 2012


---- — Obama support

TO THE EDITOR: Some people think that perhaps the country could be put back on the right path if a poor person won election to become president.

Although the thought is kind of interesting, it is highly doubtful that this could happen. After all, the last poor president was Abe Lincoln.

Today it would be near to impossible to get a poor person elected to president. That said, the best we could hope for is to re-elect President Obama. He, at least, represents the poor and the middle class.

We Democrats also have another unique opportunity: We have the chance to vote four Supreme Court judges in to the New York State Supreme Court. All we have to do is stick to the Democrat line for Supreme Court. This is extremely important because out of 14 judges we now have only two Democrats. Before that, we had none.

So do not hold your breath hoping for a poor president; instead vote for one that represents us. And get Democrats on the New York State Supreme Court. Get the vote out on Election Day.


Alternate delegate

4th District Judicial Convention


Children exploited

TO THE EDITOR: The tobacco industry sells the one product that, if used as intended, kills one out of three of its consumers. What is even more outrageous is that the tobacco industry markets their deadly weapons to the youths of the future.

The tobacco views children as their replacements of the people who have passed away or are already dying. The tobacco industry exploits children through every easy venue, like magazines, movies, sponsorships, promotions and more. Seventy-five percent of teens shop at convenience stores at least twice a week or more. These convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies are often covered in tobacco ads.

We, as a group, should work together to save the children of the future because if not, by 2030 the tobacco industry would have already killed 10 million people annually. Already 25,000 people die daily in New York alone. Ninety percent of smokers start before the age of 18. Do not let the tobacco industry take any more lives.


Mooers Forks