Letters To The Editor

March 4, 2014

Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2014

Harassing house

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is being written to all the people who are harassing our house, using your vehicles to rev up your motors and car horns.

I have been taking pictures of your vehicles, and I am going to bring them into the police station.

Day and night, that’s all you do is drive up and down the road. Then when you approach our house, you either rev your engines up or blast your horn, trying to aggravate and harass us.

You have intruded upon our home for years, but now more recently you decided to start up again terrorizing and intruding on our house.

You think you can get away with it, but I want you to know that I’m not just taking pictures of your cars, I am also working on investing in a home-surveillance camera to pick up and tape what you are doing.

Harassment is not always laughed at and brushed off. What you are doing can also be called adult bullying, and people do care and know this has been happening at our house for a long time.

Now I’m going to finally take the steps necessary to protect our home from your bullying and vindictiveness against our home.

You don’t have the right to intrude and terrorize others at their homes with your cars day in and day out, anytime you feel like it.

You are cowards and lack respect. You act like children and should grow up and realize what you’re doing. It’s against the law to harass someone; that includes with vehicles as well.

I will pray for you that God will have mercy on you for your trespasses on us. May God forgive you.


West Chazy


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