Letters To The Editor

March 3, 2014

Letters to the Editor: March 3, 2014

From Fred’s mouth

TO THE EDITOR: Years ago, I began attending Plattsburgh City School Board meetings.

I wanted insight and to possibly contribute toward its success.

After my first public comment, Fred chided me for being uninformed. That galvanized my passion to really discover how the board functions and handles district business. 

So, who is Fred? 

“The business community ….calls for reducing government spending suckles at the breast of the state with numerous tax-code giveaways and spending to line their pockets” and “including the local Chamber of Commerce, have waged war on active and retired public employees… Cuomo, Little and Duprey created this situation…” — Fred

“Fred … went into a long lecture about how people don’t understand the rules school boards must follow and that outsiders don’t know the ins and outs of public education. It wasn’t so much what he said as the tone: a little defensive, slightly arrogant.” —  Press-Republican Viewpoint

“...supported giving taxpayers the option of eliminating the district’s deficit with a 13 percent tax increase.” — Fred

“Another option … would be to stick with a 2.49 percent tax-levy increase and use reserves to fund budget additions.” — Fred

“I would be very comfortable again ….putting before voters a budget that was above the cap…” — Fred

“It’s time for those who create budgets on ….school-district levels to start sharpening their pencils. Or take out the meat cleaver.” — Press-Republican Viewpoint

“The notion of taxpayers as clients sounds nice, but it’s ludicrous.” Fred

“Board’s longest-serving member …suggested that Texas Roadhouse patrons help fund our School District.” — Letters

“If people tell you everything is done in secrecy, they are ignorant…” — Fred

“Now let’s focus on some of Walter’s idiotic statements.” — Fred



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