Letters To The Editor

February 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 25, 2014

Serving stateside

TO THE EDITOR: The recent statement made by Fred Wachmeister left a great sadness in my and other veterans’ feelings.

Mr. Wachmeister’s statement that wartime veterans that were never near a war zone should be exempted from benefits in tax reduction is issued without thought.

What does matter is that not everyone served at the front. Our 48 states were protected from invasion or attack by men and women who volunteered or were drafted. There had to be a military presence on home ground that supplied support to those overseas.

Not everyone in the services could be over there without support of those he feels were left in safety back home.

When people enlist or are drafted into service, they are giving up a very important part of their life and that of their families.

My father served overseas in WWI, two brothers served in the WW2/Korean conflicts. I enlisted WWII in the USAAF at age 17. After graduating from high school, I went into active service in aerial combat training. It was later in flight training that I was eliminated due to serious injuries from a previous airplane accident.

I remained stateside in the USAAF until my three years enlistment was over, serving as aerial and ground photographer for the Air Force. I was one of the many who remained behind as military backup for those who did go overseas.

As a youth, I gave up three very precious years of my life to help protect our country, which has given so many the rights of free speech and freedom from oppression.

Now at 88-plus years and retired, I have never regretted it. Our military might is still necessary, and the many veterans who have served, been injured or lost their lives should not be forgotten. 

They deserve better.



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