Letters To The Editor

February 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 21, 2014

Kickstart minds

TO THE EDITOR: In response to the “Adirondack P-TECH” article, I applaud the Clinton County school districts for choosing to implement this unique program.

I believe this program is a smart and creative way to help kids realize their potential to be able to compete in the job market with their skills.

The ability to have Clarkson’s curriculum support while Fujitsu, Bombardier, Nova Bus, Spencer ARL, Swarovski and Camoplast provide mentors, as well as the construction of a new technology lab, will provide the essential hands-on experience the students need.

It will kickstart these young minds as they continue in the six-year program, eventually earning their associate’s degrees from Clinton Community College.

The students will have something to strive for and will gain experience, which will also benefit the entire community when they graduate and find jobs in the area.




Changing climate

TO THE EDITOR: It just doesn’t get any better than this — a ship bound for Antartica hoping to study global warming unexpectedly gets stuck in ice, the crew scurrying to safety in a helicopter.

Big snowfalls in the Deep South where they never have snow.

A winter in which thousands of cold temperature records are set all over the United States.

But there’s good news. Who can forget five years ago when a professor boldly stood up at a meeting of future environmental activists at SUNY and proclaimed that this area was headed for a major temperature change?

Apparently he attended a meeting in Lake Placid among more environmental activists and was informed that “in 20 years, the Adirondacks will be like North Carolina.” Due, of course, to “global warming”.

Isn’t there some way we could capitalize on this? Residents on the Atlantic Coast beg for disaster insurance because they have been scared to death over the prospect of more and more hurricanes. (Of course there weren’t any hurricanes last year.) Maybe in Saranac Lake we could open a store and sell palm trees.

So take cheer, America. In just 15 years, at least around here, we’ll all be wearing shorts year-round.

And you won’t have to put your motorcycle away in the winter any more, because there won’t be any winters.



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