Letters To The Editor

February 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 11, 2014

Climate change

TO THE EDITOR: I strongly disagree with Dale French’s Jan. 28 letter criticizing and attempting to refute the Press-Republican editorial on the existence of climate change.

The climate study he performed in the 1970s is contradicted by the fact that 99 percent of all refereed articles in scientific journals from scientists around the world agree that climate change is for real and that we humans are partially responsible.

I do agree with French’s insight to “follow the money” when trying to understand many political issues, and climate change is one of them.

But I would rather believe the results of the thousands of scientists who are studying this than the few scientists whose research is funded by the coal and petroleum industries.

We have to ask ourselves the questions, Who stands to gain the most if we keep burning fossil fuels? And who stands to lose if we begin the process of moving toward alternative energy (solar, wind, thermal )?

We also agree on the physics of the greenhouse warming effect when we release billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But while French is worried about the costs of doing something, instead we should all be worried about the costs of doing nothing.

Making fun of the problem is not a solution.




Film tribute

TO THE EDITOR: As this region’s sole remaining 16mm film programmer, along with associate Ben Reavis, I customarily use the format to salute Black History Month.

Each year, it’s about taking unusual cinematic approaches to supplementing the stellar work of the North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association and SUNY Plattsburgh’s Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion.

For example, in February 2012, this monthly film series spotlighted the late Paul Robeson, the greatest African-American ever to suffer historical neglect — the tragic irony being that arguably no other historical figure, regardless of race, matches Robeson for sheer volume of diverse, noble personal achievements. 

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