May 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 9, 2013


---- — NYSEG gas line

TO THE EDITOR: Cumberland Head residents have an opportunity offered by NYSEG for a tremendous cost savings in heating costs.

In order to take advantage of this, we, as residents, must sign up with NYSEG.

There seems to be a bit of confusion to some residents as to the term “commitment” on the form submitted to NYSEG. Confusing as it maybe, NYSEG installs first the main gas line on Cumberland Head. Then it’s up to you when that main gas line is in front of your home; you decide whether you want to connect or not. There is no commitment to connect regardless of your signed commitment letter.

These forms we send in are only telling NYSEG that there is an interest in having them put in a main gas line.

We all have realized the considerabe increase in fuel oil prices over the last few years, and it appears it’s not ever going to be the price of yesteryear. Heating costs are around $3,000 a year. To heat that same house with natural gas would be around $1,000 a year.

Estimated costs to convert existing oil furnaces would be in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the BTUs. Expenses to convert would be recouped in possibly the first year.

If a person wants to replace the oil furnace with a high-efficiency gas unit, there is a $1,000 rebate. Savings are also seen by not having to spend $100-plus for the annual cleaning of the oil furnace.

If we don’t sign up, we will continue to be hostage to the oil companies. So please sign up, either call NYSEG 1-800-572-1111 or go on line to


Cumberland Head


Abuse of rights

TO THE EDITOR: Our Bill of Rights grants freedom of worship, speech and press, the right to petition the government and to assemble peacefully.

This so-called Internet gives folks a whole new meaning when it comes to free speech. In the news, we have seen where one can obtain the plans to assemble an IED as well as the ability to convert a weapon to fully automatic.

Is it any wonder where these cretins are able to make their weapons of mass destruction? First Amendment rights? I think not. There is no telling where those two Muslims got their expertise. Check out “Inquire.”

Where is our government in this abuse of our rights? God bless America.


Crown Point


Unplug appliances

TO THE EDITOR: We are JACS (Juniors are Courageous and Strong).

Our Girl Scout troop is doing a journey called “Get Moving.” We are trying to encourage people to save energy.

It has come to our attention that small appliances use energy even when turned off. We are trying to get people everywhere to unplug their appliances when not using them.

A computer in sleep mode uses just as much energy as when you are using it, so turn off your computers completely.

Please unplug your appliances when going to bed so we can save energy.

P.S. Of course, it’s foolish to unplug your clock!









Troop 4143