October 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 22, 2012


---- — Alternative


TO THE EDITOR: With all the political gloom-and-doom scenarios from the right, I thought I would look into a possible alternative future.

Dateline: 10-10-2013. Less than a year after President Romney was elected by a slim margin, the White House announced a third tax increase for all citizens earning less than 50K per year. With the legitimate unemployment rate now at 4 percent, political opponents disputed that figure.

The spokesman defended removal from the unemployment statistics of all those unemployed more than four weeks, repeating the president’s advice that these “chronically unemployed should borrow money from their parents and stop sponging off the government.”

Vice President Ryan has also announced the final dissolution of the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs, allowing funds from these wasteful government charities to be utilized for the wars with Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Under the new provisions of the Patriot Act, all nationalized hospital emergency rooms will consign to military service all patients who don’t meet the new federal standards for illness protocols. Those deemed too ill for military service will be assigned to one of the 12 major munitions-production facilities to further the war effort.

The recently created Joe McCarthy Memorial Anti-Communist Program has moved to denounce the Democratic Party as a communist organization, clearing the way for the total removal of Democrats from all elected offices. VP Ryan, wiping away tears of his proud patriotism, stated that: “This is a great step forward for the Republican Party and will create more jobs in the prison system once these commies are convicted of their crimes and brought to justice.”

The president, on a four-week vacation in the Caymans, was unavailable for comment, but his spokesman directed all inquiries to the Presidential Call Center in New Delhi.





TO THE EDITOR: I have noticed that “superpacs” are putting millions of dollars in ads for and against political candidates.

My mailbox is filled with requests from organizations ranging from “feed the children” to helping crippled veterans and veterans who are struggling to survive after serving their country. They are also requesting donations to outfit our soldiers in Afghanistan because the government doesn’t see fit to provide certain safety items for them (personally, I question that, but wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s true).

Now, if these “superpacs” would put their millions in all these organizations, it would be doing something worthwhile. The people on fixed incomes and the working class wouldn’t be asked to donate. But then, the poor and the veterans can’t do for them what the greedy politicians can.

I have said for years that if a dirt farmer and a sharecropper were put in as president and vice president, this country would be out of debt in 10 years or less. Today, it will take more time than that, but they would be able to do it with the help of Congress.

Oh wait, the greedy Congress won’t go along with anything that will be good for the country unless it will benefit them in their bank accounts in some off-shore bank that is hidden from the IRS.

The greed and corruption in Washington has gotten worse, and I don’t see that it will improve any time soon, unless we get some honest representation that wants to improve the conditions for the middle and lower classes.

They can be honest when they are elected, but the bribes will get to them soon enough. So, we will continue in a downward spiral, and the corruption and greed in Washington will continue and destroy what once was a great country. They have a very good start already.





TO THE EDITOR: It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of support for an outstanding Assembly candidate, Dan Stec.

I first met Dan when he announced his candidacy for this important position. Before I would commit, I wanted to know Dan the person and Dan the politician. What I found convinced me that Dan Stec is the right person to represent this district.

Dan the person grew up with public service, son of a retired New York state forest ranger (USMC Vietnam veteran), his mother a retired secretary from the school system. Dan is married, a father, a military veteran himself (USN), born and raised in his district, homeowner and a person who will meet you face to face and willingly discuss your concerns.

Dan the politician served on the Zoning Board and then for two terms as a town councilman. For the past nine years served as the Queensbury town supervisor and for the last two as chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors. Dan has spent many months traveling in our district, meeting and talking to all of us about his vision for our future and his commitment to the people of the district.

I am firmly convinced that Dan Stec is the candidate that will do the best job for all of us in this important Assembly race. Please join us in support of Dan Stec for assemblyman. Your vote is the most important thing you can do this November. Please make that vote count — vote Dan Stec.





TO THE EDITOR: There is only one candidate in the race for State Assembly who has dedicated her life to education and the future of our children. That candidate is Karen Bisso.

She is a strong voice for practical solutions, responsible improvements and accessible educational standards for all students. Recently, New York State United Teachers not only endorsed but also gave a sizable donation to Janet Duprey after she voted yes for two items that union members were against: Tier VI pension reform (proven to have no effect or real pension reform until 2027) and Annual Professional Performance Review teacher evaluation system (which will cost millions of dollars and add layers of bureaucracy to Albany and the State Education Department at a time when we are losing teachers).

Both of these issues Karen vocally opposed and is on the record stating her opposition. Therefore, we stand behind Karen Bisso as the only candidate highly qualified and assertive enough to stand up for educational issues and the improvements necessary for good teaching and learning.

We endorse Karen Bisso as the best candidate to represent education.


Plattsburgh City School District



TO THE EDITOR: A recent AARP poll of voters age 50 and over in our area shows great concern over the future of Medicare and Social Security. It also shows voters don’t feel they are getting enough information from the candidates on where they stand on these important issues.

There are currently a lot of options being discussed on how these programs could be changed to remain sustainable into the future. Most likely retirement for someone 20 or 30 years from now will look much different than retirement today. 

It is time for politicians to move beyond their TV ads and three-second sound bites and provide voters with information about what they would do to the programs if elected.

AARP’s You’ve Earned a Say is one effort to get regular people to share how they feel and to encourage candidates to share how they feel too. has many tools and resources for people to decipher 

different proposals, and what politicians are saying, or not saying.

We have all paid into these programs and deserve a voice in their future.


AARP Associate

state director



for whom?

TO THE EDITOR: I’m not a diehard fan of President Obama, but in fairness to him, you can’t change history.

George W. Bush inherited a significant budget surplus, courtesy of Bill Clinton.

Then he started two unfunded wars on questionable intelligence (e.g., WMD in Iraq.) If this weren’t enough of a hit to the budget, he proceeded to give his rich friends and supporters a nice big tax cut, to the tune of $500 billion per year. So much for whatever was left of the budget surplus.

After the elections of 2008, Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Boehner agreed to a plan of simply opposing anything Obama tried to pass through Congress. They weren’t specific, they just opposed everything, even if it was of benefit to American taxpayers, to make Obama look bad.

Not exactly “for the people” governing.