March 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 23, 2013


---- — Turn

to right

TO THE EDITOR: In 1964, the Republicans made a sharp turn to the right.

They became bedfellows with the Southern Strategy, which validated racism; with the Christian Right – if you believe in evolution, you’re not fit for public service; with the Sagebrush Rebellion, which represented the interests of big farming, big ranching and mining – enjoy the perks we provide, just vote the way we expect; and with the Clash for Growth, anti-tax and anti-spending advocates – vote our views or you’re history, as exampled by Republican Lugar in 2012.

The Tea Party adherent Richard Mourdock, who replaced Lugar, and the rest of their Tea Party ilk have pushed the Republican Party even further to the right.

Karl Rove, who detests Obama, has formed a Super PAC to provide the funds for replacing the “wacko rightists” with more centrist-type Republicans in both the Senate and House when they come up for re-election.

Never a Rove fan, I do cheer his new tangent. Let’s start with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rubio and Rep. Ryan.

This country can be governable. We need parties that can sort out differences without threats from extremes that weaken the democratic system. The Republican Party in 1964 hoped, by making the bargains I have listed, to increase their broad national appeal and flexibility. They failed miserably, as seen in 2008 and 2012.

Meanwhile religious nuts, compromise haters, and bigots who can’t abide a black president let alone a Democratic one hold the country’s political and economic progress as hostages.

It’s no longer the GOP today; it’s the Stupid Old Party.





TO THE EDITOR: Spring is coming. All homeowners out there looking for carpenters to do repairs, be aware that there are some in our area who will scam you.

Check them out from A to Z. Don’t listen to their lies, as we did. We got scammed, had home repairs and roof work that were a mess. Had to get another contractor to take it down and fix all the roof work. Was so bad they never even screwed the tin down.

As my being up in age, I could not fix the mistakes. They did cost us more to fix. They took our money and left us with our garage roof untouched and no sidewalk, no home trim, no rails to come up deck.

After we finally found out where he lived, the people in the area said that he was repairing his mobile home. The times he couldn’t work on ours, he was using our money to upgrade the outside and inside of his trailer.

Yes, we thought we could trust them and payed them in full. He said that he had family member that died etc. so we paid him in full. What a mistake.

I wonder if ever thinks of us and how much he hurt us. God bless the carpenter that came to help us put our roof together before winter.

And for the dishonest one, sleep well. Is there another one out there for you to hurt ? I hope after this letter, it won’t happen.


Schuyler Falls

Focus on real issues

TO THE EDITOR: Everyone is talking about gun control. The reason for gun control is because our elected officials don’t have the backbone to deal with the real issues.

Mental illness is the real problem because if you are willing to shoot people you definitely have a problem.

Our elected officials can’t seem to work together on anything, right down to the judges. I’m sorry, but if someone calls the police about someone acting “strange” and the police ignore it because they don’t want to deal with it, then the police should be held responsible when that person eventually kills someone. How hard is it for the police to bring someone in for a 24-hour evaluation? It might actually saves lives.

It is so easy for our elected officials and police to say it’s not our responsibility, but that is why you are in office; you are in to do a job.

In the Press-Republican on March 14, Legislator Robert Butler (R-Area 6, Saranac) said the state should have listened to the people from the beginning.

“You don’t just ram something down people’s throats,” he said. “That’s not the way it is supposed to be.”

And weren’t you the one that voted for Colgan when nobody wanted them? You rammed that down our throats, and how did that turn out? Maybe you should start listening to your own advice. Why should we have any confidence in your decision making if you can’t stick to your own advice?