August 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 16, 2013


---- — Airport growth

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh International Airport suffered a setback last year that is directly attributable to the loss of one of the large charter airlines.

The number of enplanements dropped from 139,698 down to 112,493, through no fault of our airport. The charter company went bankrupt.

When one considers the progress of this facility, from 45,998 in its first full year of operation to that 139,000 in less than five years, it is a major accomplishment.

That first figure was the FAA estimate of what we would reach in the first five years, not the second number. We have so outgrown the terminal, built based, in part, on that initial figure, in this short period of time, it is now affecting customer satisfaction at our airport.

Eavesdropping on unhappy customers at the terminal, common complaints are getting more frequent. Lack of overall space, lack of a realistic restaurant and time spent sitting in an overcrowded waiting area before picking up their luggage, not to mention the lines just to use the restrooms.

Even walking around before getting their baggage checked in or picking up their baggage is a major challenge. There is just too little space for the number of people at this terminal.

If we continue to market this airport as aggressively and successfully as has been done, up to this point, and continue to grow at figures far outpacing the FAA estimates and perhaps get a real scheduled airline in here, one that travels internationally and intra-continentally, we will need a terminal that matches the needs of that traveling public.

Just for general information, this airport has grown from the 400th spot in airport size nationally to 209th, from 2008 to 2012.

Let’s continue this growth.




Saranac reunion

TO THE EDITOR: Saranac Central School Class of 1963 will be having its 50th reunion at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28, at the Butcher Block Restaurant. 

For more information and to reply if you will be attending, by Sept. 18, contact Lloyd Favaro at 561-4859 or Sally White at 204-4060 or email at