Letters To The Editor

August 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 13, 2013

Willingness to work

TO THE EDITOR: On Aug. 7, the Press-Republican printed an opinion piece by Donna Brazile titled “Disappearance of the Middle Class.”

Frankly, I am tired on reading this liberal hogwash. The middle class is disappearing because nobody wants to work anymore.

Welfare and unemployment insurance were created by our government as a “safety net” for people and families who have fallen into poverty due to loss of job or health problems. Welfare and unemployment insurance was not created as a lifestyle.

As long as our government continues to hand out money, food stamps, cell phones and televisions, the middle class will disappear. You are not going to get rich sitting on your ass.

There are good jobs out there, even in Clinton County. They pay well, come with benefits and may even have profit sharing. All you have to do is pass the pre-employment physical and drug test, show up for work, work hard and work smart.

That’s all that an employer will ask of you, and you too can be part of the middle class.



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Letters To The Editor