May 28, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: May 28, 2012


---- — JEERS to people who dump garbage at the mouth of the Saranac River in Plattsburgh. The situation there was brought to our attention by Louis Carpenter, an avid fisherman who for many years has been catching trout and salmon from the river and then releasing them back into the water. This is what he told us: “There are mattresses, metal frames, sandbags, tarps, tires and more all in the area of the mouth of the river. Not only does it interfere with the pleasure of fishing there, but is is also interfering with the natural habitat for the fish, as they cannot lay their eggs where they are use to. It is terrible pollution for the lake and bad for the area and the recreational fishing.” This needs to be taken care of — and soon. The fishing tournaments that bring so much money and tourism to our area will soon be in high gear, and it’s important that we show that we care about and are taking steps to protect Lake Champlain, that dazzling natural resource on which we rely for so much. It is inconceivable that people would dump trash there in the first place. But we hope the City of Plattsburgh and local volunteer groups will muster a fast cleanup of the area and that police will try to monitor it so the people who are littering can leave with a different piece of paper: a ticket.

CHEERS to cemetery caretakers around the North Country. Today, on Memorial Day, we salute all those men and women who mow and weed and dress up the final resting places of local citizens. Some of them are paid by churches or cemetery associations for their efforts; others are volunteers who care about the personal or historic value of cemeteries. A neglected cemetery is a sad sight and poor reflection on our attitude toward those who have gone before us. Overgrown with weeds and swaying grass, they are a blight to the community. But you don’t see many like that in our area because so many citizens care that these sites are preserved as worthy tributes to our former residents. Also deserving of praise are the families who take time to decorate their gravesites, when allowed, with flowers or other tasteful tributes to their lost loved ones. Wandering through a peaceful, well-kept cemetery brightened by colorful flowers can fortify the souls of the living.


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