May 21, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: May 21, 2012


---- — JEERS to people who don't moderate their language in public, especially around children. The "F" word seems to fly around with complete comfort by some who use it and those who hear it. Recently, at Wal-Mart in Plattsburgh, a man and woman punctuated their conversation with that vulgarity and numerous other offensive words — as they leaned against a shopping cart that held a young child. In another instance, the door was open to a neighborhood Plattsburgh bar on a sunny afternoon, and a couple of patrons inside were conversing in loud tones, the "F" word plain to hear. It's a neighborhood where families live with young children. Perhaps proof that polite language might be on its way out were the teen boys around the corner from that bar, who met up with friends, all of them cheerfully exchanging obsenities. For those of you who consider vulgar language just another way to express yourselves, please consider that there are many others who are offended by it — and who don't want their children to add it to their vocabulary.

CHEERS to the Plattsburgh Noon Rotary Club for its New Generations Mentoring Program. Developed in conjunction with the School of Business & Economics at Plattsburgh State, the initiative creates partnerships between local business leaders and students in their junior and senior years. The objective is to provide the young men and women with a supportive mentor who will help them make the transition from college student to successful professional. While each graduate takes a class called Seminar in Professionalism, the mentors add to that through one-on-one relationships, developed during five one-hour sessions throughout a semester that allow students to get to know someone who has built a successful career. Discussions revolve around topics such as effective communication, interview techniques, ethics and integrity in the workplace, networking, the importance of community service and starting out and moving up in their career. The mentors encourage the students to take a closer look at the North Country business community and career opportunities available here, which could provide the region with more job candidates. Under the leadership of President Jon Cooper and Betsy Vicencio, Noon Rotary Club members and other community leaders have volunteered their time to make the first year of the New Generations program a huge success. Kudos to Rotary members for this great example of "town-gown" cooperation.

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