May 14, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: May 14, 2012


---- — CHEERS to moms, those amazing women who so often put their own needs aside to make sure their children are safe, happy and on the right track in life. Of course, that doesn't describe every mother, but the majority devote a substantial amount of time, worry and attention on their offspring, from the day they are born right through adulthood. Yesterday was Mothers Day, the designated day to say thanks — with cards, flowers, gifts, meals or whatever method you choose. But today, we would like to suggest that you continue to show your appreciation with gestures that mean more to most mothers than presents: Tell her you love her. Do a little job around the house so she doesn't have to. Give her time by herself relax or do something she enjoys. Run an errand for her. Tell her how she has influenced your life for the better. Stop for a surprise visit if she doesn't live with you. Moms give us so much every day; it's only fair that their tribute extends beyond Mothers Day.

CHEERS to highway crews that do annual spring cleanups. We all know what roads, sidewalks and roadsides around the region look like after the snow ebbs away, revealing all the sand and litter that accumulated over the winter. A number of towns sponsor cleanup days, and highway workers have been busy raking, scooping up sand and picking up litter. Their hard work is appreciated by area residents. For example, we heard from David and Pat Martin of West Chazy, who had this to say about the New York State Department of Transportation crews that they saw at work along Route 22 in their community: "We have observed this cleaning up process for many, many years. While usually good, this year, the crew went far beyond the past. They cleaned up the gutter as usual with the big machine, then went beyond with hand brooms, sweeping the sidewalks and even edging the grass on the other side of the walk. Our village has never looked so good. Perhaps the DOT crews have been this good everywhere, but from what we see here in West Chazy, the job is way beyond the usual and deserves praise." In an area of the country that emphasizes tourism, the way our communities look is important. We can take pride in manicured streetscapes, thanks to the work done by local public-works and highway personnel.

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