Cheers & Jeers

September 23, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: Sept. 23, 2013

CHEERS to many of our area trash haulers, both municipal and private, for going the extra distance in not only picking up our garbage and recyclables on regularly scheduled days, but in cleaning up the remnants of that which may have fallen out of the trash can or a broken garbage bag. Even worse is when birds and animals get into the garbage between the hours the trash is taken to the street and when pickup is scheduled. That’s messy. But the public and private employees are up to the task of cleaning up rubbish that’s been strewn about, making the pick-up area look good. It’s all about pride and responsibility, we’re told. It’s also part of the job, a job that most of them take seriously.

JEERS to some consumers of small retail outlets, especially those outlets that sell food, for the wholesale littering that takes place outside the stores, especially when trash receptacles are provided outside and store and very visible. We’re not talking about candy and gum wrappers. How about losing lottery tickets, coffee, soda, water and juice containers, empty cans of food, etc. The list goes on and on. The laziness of some consumers and their irresponsible behavior causes store owners, who want their property to be clean all the time, to send workers, who have other things to do, out to sweep and pick up trash throughout the day, whatever the weather. All we ask is that you think before you haphazardly discard your trash. Use the receptacle.

CHEERS to people who pay it forward, including a patron at Plattsburgh Public Library who stepped up to pay book fines for a person who was financially strapped recently. The man happened to be standing behind a woman in line at the check-out desk and overheard her telling the clerk that she could only pay a small amount toward her fines that day. The library does allow patrons to break up fine payments, but after that woman left, the man who’d been behind her handed the clerk a $10 bill to cover the rest. Contacted about that person’s generosity, the woman was tremendously grateful. Anonymous generosity like that is all the more special, as it helps knit us together as human beings in a hopeful and positive way.

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Cheers & Jeers
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