October 22, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: Oct. 22, 2012


---- — CHEERS to the Champlain Centre grounds crew, to modify our JEER of them last week. We had criticized the mall’s care of its Canadian flag after receiving complaints from a couple of readers about it being tattered and then checking it out ourselves. The day in question, the flag looked worn and past ready to retire. We agreed with the people who contacted us that leaving a national symbol weathered was bad form. However, Champlain Centre Manager David Napolitan rebuked us, noting that the mall had replaced the suspected flag before our Jeer appeared and that, in fact, its flags are typically replaced three to four times a year. Champlain Centre apparently takes pride in making sure both the American and Canadian flags are in good shape. Napolitan told us that high winds and other weather factors can quickly damage the flags, even though they are of premium quality, so the grounds crew tries to keep an eye on them. The readers who reported the problem, and our observer, must have just caught the flag at an stage in between damage and repair. Napolitan says the mall takes its flag-flying responsibilities so seriously that it marches in step with federal and state determinations that Old Glory should be flown at half staff when deaths call for it. We take flag etiquette seriously and regret that poor timing allowed us to jeer an institution that agrees with us. We’re glad to hear that the highest-profile shopping plaza in the region is attentive to the condition of its flags. Let’s turn the Jeer to salute.

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