July 9, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: July 9, 2012


---- — CHEERS to the Realtors of Coldwell Banker Whitbeck Associatesfor their patriotic gesture in dispersing flags throughout the City of Plattsburgh so people could awaken to decorated lawns on the Fourth of July. This is the second year in a row that the Coldwell Banker group has made this early morning effort. The real-estate firm’s employees, joined by family and friends, were out at 4:45 a.m. to blanket the city, placing 4,700 American flags on lawns. All of the little stars-and-stripes were in place by 7 a.m. It costs the local business about $2,000 and is much appreciated by residents around the city. Seeing all those little flags waving in the wind gives the city a festive look on the day that many visitors arrive to view the annual Independence Day parade and fireworks. And we add CHEERS to Parker Chevrolet for the Declaration of Independence and to Della Auto Group for the full-page flag, both of which appeared in the July 4 Press-Republican, furthering American spirit in the region.

CHEERS to Wayne LaPierre of Northern Sanitation/Casella, who went above and beyond in trying to help a local couple who lost a ring that had sentimental value. Here’s the story that Bonnie Eileen Ashley-Rossi shared with us on Facebook: “My boyfriend accidentally flung the ring off his finger when he was throwing trash in the dumpster. We tried to find it, but there was so much garbage (20 apartments after 1 week!). It was the first piece of jewelry I gave him, and it was breaking both of our hearts. I stayed up all night waiting for the sanitation service to come, and when he did, I asked if he could dump the dumpster slowly to see if by some chance I would see it. His name is Wayne LaPierre, and he works for Northern Sanitation. He jumped in the dumpster and started looking. Between the two of us, we spent 45 minutes searching before we called it quits. Although we did not find the ring, I was grateful for the help I received from this stranger. He managed to put a little brightness in a sad day.” While the story did not have a happy ending, LaPierre’s caring attitude softened the blow. Casella should be proud of this fine employee.

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