November 10, 2013

Editorial: Fly a flag for Veterans Day

Tomorrow is a day off for many people, but it is also a chance for the North Country to create a big public show of support for veterans.

Each year, Nov. 11 is designated as Veterans Day. That gives us a chance to acknowledge that people who serve in the military give up some of their own freedom to ensure ours, that they show courage so we aren’t required to, that they risk their lives so ours are protected.

The Press-Republican is encouraging businesses and private citizens to put out an American flag tomorrow as a visible sign of respect for area veterans.

It doesn’t have to be a huge banner. If you live in the City of Plattsburgh, you woke up on the Fourth of July to find a small flag planted on your lawn, courtesy of a local real-estate firm. Hopefully, you saved it and can set it out again tomorrow. If you didn’t hold on to the flag, they can be purchased at little cost from many local and national retail stores.

Imagine what an affirming sight it would be for area veterans if they drove down streets lined with American flags tomorrow, knowing they were put out especially as a tribute to all that local men and women in the military have done.

The Press-Republican asked our Facebook readers what message they would like to pass on to veterans on this national holiday. We share some of their comments:

John Smith: “I would say thank you for doing what you did best, which was defending our honor and making our country safe.”

Lori Ann Stump: “Thank you for everything you do for us and your country. Thank you.”

Buffy Mero Little: “For all living and departed veterans, thank you for defending our country for our freedom and beliefs. God bless all and especially those who lost their lives while defending our country.”

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