June 4, 2014

Editorial: Congratulations to the losers

Let’s all give a tip of the hat for everyone who ran in or at least attended the Biggest Loser half-marathon and 5K races in Plattsburgh last Sunday.

What an appropriate way to acknowledge some of the people who are doing their best to either obtain or maintain a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits that go with it.

Some people, of course, are saddled with more intense weight problems than others. Some have an unfortunate genetic makeup. Some have mental addictions not unlike smokers, drinkers and drug addicts. Some just have such a hearty appreciation for certain foods that they find it very difficult to adjust their diets.

To see the sheer joy exhibited by so many of the participants in the outing last weekend is to understand the struggles they’ve overcome to get where they are. And, for the runners who did it out of empathy or sympathy, just to show their support, it was a much-appreciated gesture.

So much emphasis is placed today on healthy eating and exercise that those who want to turn their lives around are bombarded with tips and encouragement — from the White House on down to primary schools.

Get into the habit of regularly going through an exercise routine, and it will remain with you for life. And the same goes for the foods we choose. We don’t have to make those bad decisions.

LifeScript bills itself as the No. 1 website dedicated to women’s health. It currently is carrying a list of what it calls the 10 worst foods we regularly eat and ideas for healthful substitutes.

Here they are:

Potato chips — Instead, eat rice or popcorn cakes.

Non-dairy topping — Choose low-fat vanilla yogurt.

Doughnuts — Try whole-grain bagels.

Fettucine Alfredo — Eat whole-wheat fettucine with marinara sauce.

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