August 8, 2013

Editorial: Give system chance to work


The county will also have more information about purchases, as the credit cards provide the transaction date, exact time, driver number, total cost, place of purchase and the distance driven between that and the previous purchase. All the county knows at the highway pumps is the department code and the amount and cost of the fuel.

Better accountability is always important, both for calculating costs and reducing the chance of fraud.

There is also concern about the north-end pump, which Leitz describes as a “creaky, aging system.” The potential for environmental concerns could translate to future costly penalties. The pump would cost about $300,000 to replace, which legislators removed from the budget to save money. Using gas-station pumps would expunge that replacement cost.

Although only 15 to 20 counties are using the credit-card system, Leitz believes that spending more monthly will be offset by reimbursement revenue, elimination of environmental concerns and better accountability.

Leitz has been a smart manager of county operations to this point, so we suggest he be given a chance to prove this new system can save the county money.

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