January 30, 2013

Editorial: Less reliance on the state


But on an even more optimistic scale, there are solid indications that our economy can become less reliant on the State Department of Corrections.

America’s unemployment rate has been slowly dropping, and the stock markets are approaching their record highs.

Locally, government and chamber officials and developers continue to work to bring new employment opportunities to the region. The state has been making money available to coax companies to establish sites in New York, and the North Country is competing successfully for its share of that money.

The Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corp. took long strides to retool the old Air Force Base into a center for private employment. We can now stand alone, with less and less help from the state.

The state has been a beneficent custodian, but a diverse economy benefits all of us, especially as the state and federal government curtail spending and cut jobs.

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